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Black Week începe curând. Detalii aici

60% reducere pentru pachetele de 4e si 1e - 300 utilizari - COD: BFRPG60
50% reducere pentru pachetele de 100e - 20 utilizari - COD: BFRPG50
40% reducere pentru pachetele de 50e - 40 utilizari - COD: BFRPG40
30% reducere pentru pachetele de 40e si 30e - 60 utilizari - COD: BFRPG30
25% reducere pentru pachetele de 20e, 15e si 10e - 100 utilizari - COD: BFRPG25
50% reducere la toate produsele pentru forum - 60 utilizari - COD: BFFORUM50


Recrutăm designeri audio și video. Aplicați aici


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  1. • Nick: Yok• Rank: 1• What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 27/11/2020• Reason: The activity meeting is held at 19:00. It's 00:00 (+1 day). So many job meetings in real life, i am fatigue.• Anything else?: Kindly approve my request. I really apologize to all SFSI members
  2. Nachita

    @Bobo @Kelton I suggest you to add new promo for 50% reducere pentru pachetele de 4e - 300 utilizari The 1e and 4e is the fastest promo used by RPG players. I think it's good to apply new promo 50% for 4e only or 1e only.
  3. Nachita

    Allow us to pay through cryptocurrency
  4. • Nick: Yok • Rank: 1 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 20 November 2020 • Reason: The activity meeting is 19:00. It means, it's 00:00 (+1 day). I need to go to sleep. So many job meetings irl. • Anything else?: Please approve. Sorry, i can't attend my first activity in SFSI
  5. Nachita

    Your nickname: YokServer: RPG 1Description of the bug: The english language is not completely 100% in english. This issue occurs when the clan leader kick a player. "Liderul de clan ..." should be "The clan leader ..."Screenshot(s): Poof

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