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  1. Divyanshu

    Nickname: Div007 Level: 29 Rank: 1 Deposited amount: 5000 Date and hour: 17/05/2018 18:36 Proof: https://imgur.com/a/dop2Lpu Reason: -5 war Nickname: Div007 Level: 29 Rank: 1 Deposited amount: 10000 Date and hour:17/05/2018 18:36 Proof: https://imgur.com/a/dop2Lpu Reason: absent 1/2 war
  2. Divyanshu

    Nickname: Div007 Rank: 1 Reason: i have problem with internet Date of the wars: 16/5/2018 Total number of pass requests: 1/2
  3. Divyanshu

    Nickname: Div007 Level: 29 Rank: 1 Deposited amount: 5000 Date and hour:15/05/2018 Proof: https://imgur.com/a/brc52JR Reason: -5 war
  4. Divyanshu

    Hello i opened this thread to tell you the real truth about a guy named @Peter, he is a very selfish guy and is always ready to scam anyone. He uses different means to create trust and then scams everything he can and act like he has done a favor to you. Be carefull guys
  5. Divyanshu

    Thanks for posting
  6. Divyanshu

  7. Divyanshu

    Nice work . Thanks for sharing
  8. Divyanshu

  9. Divyanshu

  10. Divyanshu

  11. Divyanshu

  12. Divyanshu

    I start New King
  13. Divyanshu

    I start : oil
  14. Divyanshu

    Ur Real life friend thats why i wont miss u
  15. Divyanshu

    @SejwaL i wont miss u

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