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  1. Starp Exposito

    Nick: Starp Rank:5 Am dat test cu: BASTARDO.[VODA] Data:01.08.2020 Rezultat proba teoretica:1.5/3 Rezultat proba armelor: -/6 Rezultat proba practica:-/3 Rezultat total (Admis/Respins): IN PROCESS... Observator test: Terrarse. Alte menţiuni
  2. Starp Exposito

    Nick: Starp Rank:5 Am dat test cu: Sir.SunnY_Alee Data:19.07.2020 Rezultat proba teoretica:2.5/3 Rezultat proba armelor: 6/6 Rezultat proba practica:- Rezultat total (Admis/Respins):RESPINS Observator test: Teylo Alte menţiuni: Better luck next time.
  3. Ba, link me up with that Auto-FVR mod..
  4. Activitate tinuta de : [FBI]Starp, iTani.[ZEW] | Data : 15/07/2020 | Ora: 16:00 Rank 6 - Director  -  1/1 Rank 6 - Assistant Director  -  1/1 Rank 5 - Section Chief  [uS]Akatsuki.  0/5 Rank 4 - Special Agent in Charge  [FBI]Starp (HOST) kiNderr.[ZEW] [GF]ribe [FBI]Aku. Hardway. 5/11 Rank 3 - Supervisory Special Agent iTani.[ZEW] (HOST) [uN]FiuILuiTeQuiLa 2/11 Rank 2 - Special Agent  - 0/1 Rank 1 - Professional Staff [uV]innocent 1/4 Winners of the 1vs1 duels : kiNderr.[ZEW] (expected) Winner of the 2v2 duels : [FBI]Starp & [GF]ribe PM me if there are any mitakes.
  5. Starp Exposito

    *Nume: [FBI]Starp *Rang: 4 *Dovezi: https://imgur.com/a/LiOocQU *Alte specificatii: Cu Andra, Rimsky, Julice, Terrasre, iTani, InfernalG, innocent
  6. Schimbarea datei : 14/07/2020
  7. Nume: Starp Rank: 4 Data si ora propusa: 11.07.2020 ora 16:00 Nume activitate: 1v1 & 2v2 Descriere activitate (daca e cazul): Winner 1v1 = 100k Winners 2v2 = 50k each Partener (optional): @iTani ZEW Alte precizari: Lasa cel mai bun sa castige
  8. Nume: [FBI]Starp * Rang: 4 * Data Antrenamentului: 28.06.2020 * Lipsesc din motivul: I just woke up and found out that internet is not working, I got pay tomorrow and can't attend today * Alte precizari?: Mersi!
  9. - Name: Starp - Link to the website profile: - The type of interview you want: Simple - Name of other participants (if any): - - Link to the website profile of the participants: - - I was aware of the rules presented on the first page: Yes indeed. - Other specifications: Nope
  10. * Nume: [FBI]Starp * Rang: 4 * Data sedintei: 07.06.2020 * Lipsesc din motivul: I'm going back to my appartment cause college blast off again on monday, there will be lots of cleaning and alot of things to do, probably no internet, I didn't pay from ages * Alte precizari?: Succes!
  11. Nume: Starp Rank: 4 Data si ora propusa: 29.05.2020 ora 18:00 Nume activitate: Duels Descriere activitate (daca e cazul): 1 Winner, 1 Prize ($100.000) Partener (optional): - Alte precizari: Success.
  12. Starp Exposito

    • Nickname:[FBI]star • Level:82 • Rank (The rank you have in FBI):4 • The nickname of the perpetrator: DroP_ShoT[FARAON] • The perpretator RPG bar: "].png] Reason: Insulting an FBI member • A short description of the situations: He was an escaper and died, start insulting.. • Proofs (Screenshots): https://imgur.com/a/0irWz5b
  13. * Nume: [FBI]star * Rang: 4 * Data sedintei: 17.05.2020 * Lipsesc din motivul: I have some business so I'll be out of the town for 2 days (Saturday and Sunday) , I can't attend. * Alte precizari?: Succes! 
  14. Starp Exposito

    Nume: [FBI]star *Rang:4 *Dovezi:- *Alte specificatii: 2nd place please!!

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