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  1. Nickname: SaiF_SfaXiaNo Rank: 4 Consent for (Training/Activity): Activity The activity date: 21/04/2019 Consent number (x/y): 2/2 Reason: i don"t have access to the game Other specifications: miss the game 😢
  2. Nick: SaiF_SfaXiaNo Rank: 4 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate): Antrenament Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 14.04.2019 Numar invoiri(x/y): 1/2 Motivul: i can't open the game Alte precizări: Mersi!
  3. SaiFSfaXiaNo

    Nickname: SaiF_SfaXiaNo Rank: 4 Meeting date: 07/04/2019 Reason: well maybe i have some work outside of my city Other specifications: if im here i will come for sure
  4. Nume: SaiF_SfaXiaNoRang: 4Dovezi: https://youtu.be/hg5tmFfnetM.Alte specificatii: that's all i can do with my bad connection =))
  5. Nick: SaiF_SfaXiaNo Rank:4 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate):Activitate Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești:24.03.2019 Numar invoiri(x/y):2/2 Motivul: maybe i can't login Alte precizări: i try if i can
  6. SaiFSfaXiaNo

    i want to share with you my language i give the translate 😃
  7. SaiFSfaXiaNo

    @South TiG3R i know that you forget to post on sanctions about my FW =))))
  8. SaiFSfaXiaNo

    Very strange ! leader PM players =)))))) WTF is that
  9. Nick: SaiF_SfaXiaNo Rank: 4 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate): Activitate. Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 17.03.2019 Numar invoiri(x/y): 2/2 Motivul: nu sunt in casa Alte precizări: Mersi!
  10. SaiFSfaXiaNo

    buna seara sollidati😃
  11. SaiFSfaXiaNo

    buna ziua habibi 😃 cf
  12. SaiFSfaXiaNo

    My bad 😢 i just throw it :3
  13. SaiFSfaXiaNo

    @South TiG3R marathon prize is 300g of drugs im waiting new and information you have 24 hours to transfer the drugs or to throw it 😃 punishment AV
  14. Nickname: Saif_sfaxiano Rank: 4 Consent for (Training/Activity): Training The activity date: 10/03/2019 Consent number (x/y): 1/2 Reason: nu sunt a casa Other specifications: bafta la war ❤️

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