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  1. Nume: Darwin Rank: Lider Data: 05.09.2019 Am dat testul cu: ChibsTelford Teoretic(x/3): 2/3  Practic(x/3): 1/3 Anything else?: -
  2. South Merisor

    cat de cat
  3. South Merisor

    e amuzant
  4. South Merisor

  5. South Merisor

  6. South Merisor

  7. South Merisor

    e mai mult trist
  8. South Merisor

  9. South Merisor

    e trist.....
  10. South Merisor

  11. South Merisor

    slab dar am dat haha ca ma simt
  12. dc nu vtm? @A n n e voi ce faceți?
  13. South Merisor

    Gradele ti-au fost acordate. Distracţie plăcută pediscord.b-zone.ro!

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