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SamiR Jamaly

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    I'm addicted
  • Birthday 08/29/1998

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    Eat Sleep and Photoshop.

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  1. SamiR Jamaly

    X X
  2. SamiR Jamaly

  3. SamiR Jamaly

  4. SamiR Jamaly

    @@BearX NCS,
  5. SamiR Jamaly

    I Love Both Creations But Image 1 Looks More Great In my sight.. -The Usage of Effects Is Great
  6. SamiR Jamaly

    Avatar: X LOGO: X X @@DubeerKiNG Legend,
  7. SamiR Jamaly

    @, Good One +1 @@Cristina, Good One +1 Thanks All For Your Work ...
  8. SamiR Jamaly

    @@Invision, Really wonderful Creations.. Keep It Up Bro <3
  9. SamiR Jamaly

    @@Mushroom, Thanks Bro <3
  10. SamiR Jamaly

  11. SamiR Jamaly

    @@Matt, Good One +1 Waiting For More Creations
  12. SamiR Jamaly

    @, Great Work Bro +1 @@Mentosan, Love That Work Buddy +1 Waiting For More ..
  13. SamiR Jamaly

    Display Name: Samir Doresc (Avatar/Semnatura/Userbar/Logo): Avatar Link către ultima cerere făcută (obligatoriu): https://forum.b-zone.ro/topic/374387-cerere-samir-avatar/ Imagine (obligatoriu pentru semnatura): - http://imgur.com/a/Eo3Vf Tema (In caz ca nu exista o imagine): You Can Also Try Other Images Based On The Theme of My Given Image. Text: Samir Or You can DO Without Text also Dimensiuni: 150x300 or Any Avatar Size Photo Alte precizari: Waiting For THe Creations..
  14. SamiR Jamaly

  15. SamiR Jamaly

    X @@Zsombor,

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