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  1. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:[uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/ggOgf3L
  2. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:[uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/oXv0572
  3. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:[uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/LzLWsAr
  4. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:[uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/Ve2wHd3
  5. Haladit

    Nickname: Haladit Rank: 3 La ce ma invoiesc: Activitate 06.11.22 21:00 Lipsesc din motivul: Sunt plecat, nu cred ca ajung. Alte precizari:Bafta
  6. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:[uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/yBDPjsT
  7. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:[uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/e6yMLKB
  8. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:[uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/SCVF0gc
  9. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:[uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/KV7afbc
  10. Haladit

    -Nume in joc: [uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/ZBkFP90
  11. Haladit

    -Nume in joc: [uS]Haladit -Contract:https://imgur.com/a/0KJquVw
  12. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:Haladit -Contractul ales: https://imgur.com/a/I1ViKv1
  13. Haladit

    -Nume in joc:: Haladit -Contractul ales:https://imgur.com/a/ZcnRf3F
  14. Haladit

    -Nume in joc: Haladit -Contractul ales:https://imgur.com/a/pK6JAAV
  15. Haladit

    -Nume in joc: Haladit -Contractul ales:https://imgur.com/a/ZmGK1oq
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