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  1. Nick: [dr]baha. Rank: 2 Ma invoiesc la: sedinta / antrenament / war: war Data in care se tine activitatea : 15.06.2020 Motiv : 16:30 is 12:30 in my country and I finish faculty at 12:00 . I can't make it but I ll try Numarul de invoiri pentru aceasta saptamana: 1/2 Alte precizari : thank you
  2. Mr baha

    war here will be from 12:00 to 14:00 and we still have faculty to go .
  3. Mr baha

    You did the quest only 3 times. And the current one is 4
  4. Mr baha

    you have to get in an opened personal car . (masina personama descuiata)
  5. Mr baha

    Nick-ul tau: [Mr]baha. Server: 1 Descrierea bugului: my clan savage[SvG] is level 11. I should receive 15% of clan job . As in level 5 , the money the clan members receive from jobs is added to the clan safe. this is not actually happening . I have 50 members , many of them are working including myself and the amount of money in safe is not increasing at all . ( only 2k per payday of level 8 ) . I don't know if it's a bug or I misunderstand the situation . Screenshot(s): I don't know what should I show you but this is my safe amount https://imgur.com/a/sXTsKsM .
  6. Alone or with friend. And what happen if I do it with a friend. Yesterday I did it twice and I got nothing
  7. Is the bug fixed? How it works now?
  8. I did the quest 2 times and I still have 0/50 after relog
  9. Happy children's day. Nice idea for the quest
  10. Mr baha

    we already lost it . I want the xp of the participating they should do it in another time this important updates.
  11. Mr baha

    noob updates . we lost the clan wars
  12. Mr baha

    get the server backkkk . we have clan wars.
  13. Mr baha

    Nickname: [Mr]baha. Rang: 2 Culoarea votată (doar ID-ul culorii): 44
  14. Nick: [dr]baha. Rank: 2 Ma invoiesc la : sedinta / antrenament / war : War Data in care se tine activitatea : 27. 05.2020 Motiv : my computer is not working. Im fixing it right now. I will come if I do. Numarul de invoiri pentru aceasta saptamana : 1/2 Alte Precizati : sorry.

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