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  1. Nick: [mr]baha. • Rank: 2 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 26.01.2020 • Reason: I m onthe train, and it's late for technical reasons • Anything else?: This is my third request this month,
  2. Nick: [Mr]baha. • Rank: 5 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity •Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 19/01/2020 • Reason: my cousin's grandma died , I am going to the funeral • Anything else?: thank you
  3. Nick: [Mr]baha. • Rank: 1 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 12/01/2020 • Reason: I just returned from faculty so I want to spend time with my family. But perhaps I will be able to join you • Anything else?: Thank you
  4. Mr baha

    I want to make a suggestion a take it from a movie named the purge . I will let you first watch this video . I think that making everything shutdown and make an announcement like this with the siren and allowing everyone to make illegal jobs and rob ... is an exciting new thing . maybe a good idea for Halloween . +1 if you like the idea .
  5. Mr baha

    10 minutes as usual.
  6. Mr baha

    @Kelton please can you talk to the scripter to make permanant premium players DON'T receive premium account on treasure. Because in the last 2 years I got a lot of them and it's not logic. +1 if you agree. Me too
  7. Nick: [Mr]baha. * Rank: 4 * Echipa: swat * Data antrenamentului pentru care vrei sa te invoiesti:25.08.19 * Numar invoiri(x/y):1/2 * Motivul: I have problems on my computers , I m taking few days to fix it . Also it will be better without me because I don't speak Romanian . * Alte precizari: thank you .
  8. Mr baha

    Discord ID: [Mr]baha.#6809 Gradul/Gradele dorite: Department Member Peaceful Faction Member Link catre profilul RPG: here & here . Rank bar-ul profilului RPG: Link de la canalul de Youtube (doar pentru gradul de Youtuber): Doresti canale vocale (doar pentru gradul de Youtuber):
  9. Mr baha

    Cand de da unban cu 5 euro ?
  10. Mr baha

    Login que 80 hehe
  11. Mr baha

    Login queue. That's the smarter update I ever seen
  12. Mr baha

    Today at 8:25 they stored all servers database before merging them incase of loosing data, and that's what happened. So they will use the database stored to make the fusion again with more attention.
  13. Mr baha

    Din păcate am întâmpinat anumite probleme la migrarea bazelor de date și anumite conturi nu s-au transferat sau s-au șters cu totul. Din acest motiv suntem nevoiți să reluăm procesul de fuziune mâine, folosind bazele de date la care am făcut backup astăzi, orele 08:25. Vom închide serverele până mâine pentru a nu apărea probleme de alt tip în tot acest timp. Ne cerem scuze pentru aceste neplăceri dar din păcate apar și astfel de situații. Unfortunately we have stumbled upon some migration problems with the data bases and certain accounts did not transfer or got deleted entirely. For this reason we are obligated to redo the merging process tomorrow, using the data bases we have backed up today, at 08:25. We will be closing the servers until tomorrow so that other problems don't come up in all this time. We apologize for this inconvenience but unfortunately such situations do happen.

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