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  1. Nick: [dr]baha. Rank: 2 Ma invoiesc la: sedinta / antrenament / war: war Data in care se tine activitatea : 15.06.2020 Motiv : 16:30 is 12:30 in my country and I finish faculty at 12:00 . I can't make it but I ll try Numarul de invoiri pentru aceasta saptamana: 1/2 Alte precizari : thank you
  2. Mr baha

    war here will be from 12:00 to 14:00 and we still have faculty to go .
  3. Mr baha

    You did the quest only 3 times. And the current one is 4
  4. Mr baha

    you have to get in an opened personal car . (masina personama descuiata)
  5. Mr baha

    Nick-ul tau: [Mr]baha. Server: 1 Descrierea bugului: my clan savage[SvG] is level 11. I should receive 15% of clan job . As in level 5 , the money the clan members receive from jobs is added to the clan safe. this is not actually happening . I have 50 members , many of them are working including myself and the amount of money in safe is not increasing at all . ( only 2k per payday of level 8 ) . I don't know if it's a bug or I misunderstand the situation . Screenshot(s): I don't know what should I show you but this is my safe amount https://imgur.com/a/sXTsKsM .
  6. Alone or with friend. And what happen if I do it with a friend. Yesterday I did it twice and I got nothing
  7. Is the bug fixed? How it works now?
  8. I did the quest 2 times and I still have 0/50 after relog
  9. statistics of the week 24/05 - 30-05 have been posted here . statisticile saptamanii 24/05 - 30-05 au fost postate aici.
  10. . statistic week 24/05 - 31/05 : salariu se da la +400 xp.
  11. în acest topic, liderul clanului va posta statisticile saptamanale ale membrilor (salariu si rank-up) numai liderul clanului are voie să răspundă în acest subiect. altfel vei fi dat afară.. in this topic the clan leader will post the weekly statistics of the members (salary and rank-up) only the clan leader is allowed to reply in this topic . otherwise you will be kicked out.
  12. Happy children's day. Nice idea for the quest
  13. Mr baha

    we already lost it . I want the xp of the participating they should do it in another time this important updates.
  14. Mr baha

    noob updates . we lost the clan wars
  15. Mr baha

    get the server backkkk . we have clan wars.

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