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  1. Z o D

    Discord ID: ZoD#9882 Rank(s) wanted: Admin RPG profile link: rpg3.b-zone.ro/players/ZoD Screenshot with [/stats]:
  2. Z o D

    Thanks Bro
  3. Z o D

    Yo, How is everyone? P.S: You new Admin here xD
  4. Jolly Da Best

    1. RW Jolly

      RW Jolly

      Thankx baby. Luv you bro.

  5. Promoted To Admin 1 On 30-03-2019 By [uS].Daniel


    Thanks @Dani EL

    1. D a n n

      D a n n

      Oh, congrats bro!

      keep up the great work

    2. Razvanel ZEW
    3. Z o D

      Z o D

      Thanks Bros ❤️

  6. Z o D

    Well That's just sad, Here at RPG 3 We Got Tunisian Buddies Backing us up to Mark Our Existence. Also My Boi @Rustom doing some great work for the english players here
  7. Hey Everyone! I Hope You All Are Having A Nice Day!

    1. PARTH


      Yeah! Wbu?

    2. Z o D

      Z o D

      Im Good

  8. Bro Why Am I Not Download To Download Your Files From Downloads?

    1. Kelton


      Because you don't have 200 posts on the forum. Read the rules.

  9. Bro You Leaving The Game?

  10. Z o D

    Hey, Nice Work Both Here are some of my creations.
  11. Z o D

    New Logo: Down Below Photo Suitable A Suitable Wallpaper For Hitmen Agency:
  12. Z o D

    It's Always Good To Have Everyone!
  13. Hello B-Zone, Today When i Opened My PC, My Internet And All the things Were Working But When I Opened SA:MP Client All The B-Zone Servers Except Test Server Were Showing 0/0 Players But Then I Logged In to Website And It Shows Me Current 240 Players Online. Proof:
  14. Nick: ZoD Rank: 4 Am dat test cu: [X]Man Data: 08-03-2019 Rezultat proba teoretica (x/3): 45 Rezultat proba arme (x/9): 24 Rezultat proba practica arrest: 28 Rezultat final [Admin/Respins]: Admis Alte mențiuni: Welcome To FBI Family!

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