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  1. Z O D

    Also, it'd be a good idea to send a special fixed code on the account owner's email so in case he loses his phone, his email saves him.
  2. Z O D

    This is a great idea,. But Maybe if you delete the application or lose the phone, You can receive the codes by email? @Kelton
  3. Nick : [RW]ZOD Rank : 1 La ce ma invoiesc (sedinta/antrenament/activitate/war): war Data la care nu poti veni : 25.05.2020 Lipsesc din motivul: Today is the 2nd day of EID festival around the world and I'll be out of my home to celebrate it and meet my relatives. It'd be hard to attend war Numarul de învoiri din aceasta saptamana: 1/2 Alte precizari: I'll try to make my presence at war but if not, this is what it's for.
  4. Turned 17 Today! Let's Go!!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mlg69SwagLord


      Happy Birthday nab!!

    3. CouldnoT


      Happy birthday young nigga!

    4. Z O D

      Z O D

      Thank you ❤️ @Mlg69SwagLord I really miss you.

      Thanks Bro @CouldnoT ❤️ Stay happy  :D 

  5. Joyner brought Will back to the Rap Game even if it was for a single track


  6. Nick: ZOD Rank:2 Data warurilor la care nu poți ajunge: 12/05/2020 Numarul de invoiri pe aceasta saptamana: 1/2 Motivul învoirii: My relative is in Hospital so I have to go Alte precizări: I hope you can understand
  7. Nick: Zod Rank:2 Data warurilor la care nu poți ajunge:04/05/2020 Numarul de invoiri pe aceasta saptamana:1/2 Motivul învoirii: It's my brother birthday Alte precizări: good luck
  8. Congratulations Bro on the leadership, Looking forward to your mentorship and leadership over SFSI
  9. Series title: Person of Interest Production years: 2011-2016 Genre: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Crime Fiction, Drama, Science Fiction, Adventure, Police Procedural, Techno-Thriller, and Action Fiction Number of seasons and episodes: 5 Seasons and a total of 103 Episodes Running time of an episode: 40-45 Minutes Short description: An ex-CIA agent and a mysterious billionaire prevent violent crimes with the help of an all-seeing machine that can predict events before they happen. Personal review: This show is so underrated I Can't stand it, This is the best Crime, Science Fiction show ever made here on Planet Earth (No Cap). The Story revolves around an ex-International Spy (ex-CIA Agent) Alias John Reese and a billionaire named Harold Finch when Harold hires John for his skills to prevent crimes in NYC. I would regret it every day if I hadn't watched this show and knew that such a show existed. This show's stupendous adventure takes you through many emotions and always leaving you craving for more of this goodness. This is my favorite show in the categories its genres lie into. I'd recommend this show every day to you guys because of how good it is.
  10. Nickname: ZOD Series title: Riverdale Production years: 2017-Present Genre: Teen Drama, Mystery/Crime. Number of seasons and episodes: 4 Seasons and 18-20 Episodes per Season. Running time of an episode: 40-45 Minutes Short description: Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica tackle being teenagers in a town that is rife with sinister happenings and blood-thirsty criminals. Personal review: Recommendation of this Series is a no-no for me. I wasted a lot of my time watching this show. Season 1 and 2 are Okay but 3 and 4 are just hot garbage. The Cast just seems to be cringe now whenever they act and the directors and producers are going nowhere with this show. Seriously not recommended as you will only waste your time and regret watching it.
  11. Your nick: ZOD Serial Name: Game of Thrones Reason: Well, After Watching both Breaking bad and this, my vote goes for Game of Thrones due to the reason being that for 7 consecutive seasons it entertained us with well directed and produced content. Before this and Prison Break, Breaking Bad was my favorite show but after watching this my Decision immediately changed. The Adventure that the show takes us for 8 years finally rests in the North at the Final Battle. Other specifications: To the comments saying "Season 8 was Bad", I agree season 8 was bad but so were the season 1 and 2 of Breaking Bad (Atleast till Gus Arrived).
  12. Nickname: ZOD Series title: Shameless (US) Production years: 2011-2020 Genre: Comedy-Drama, Dark Comedy, Number of seasons and episodes: 10 Season right now (11th in Production) Running time of an episode: 40-50 Minutes Short description: Frank Gallagher is the head of a working-class family in Chicago. His six children suffer because he is a heavy drinker and Fiona, the eldest daughter, has to look after everyone in the house. Personal review: This show is awesome, I'm amazed to see how underrated and unpopular it is among us. At first, I ignored this show thinking of it as just another sitcom trying to be FRIENDS/The Office/HIMYM. But after watching this I rate this at the top of my sitcoms list
  13. Z O D

    Great Choice of bringing back treasure hunt for this Looking forward to compete with everyone

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