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  1. AIM Damino

  2. AIM Damino

    Nick-ul tau: Damino Level: 44 Rank: 1 Suma depusa: 10.000 (10k) Data si ora: 21:29:39 / 29.03.2018 Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/rLUIP Motivul: Am facut un scor de - 9
  3. Nick: Damino Rank: 1 Data la care nu poti veni: 27.03.3018 Doresc sa ma invoiesc la (war/antrenament/sedinta/activitate): war LNumarul de învoiri din aceasta saptamana (x/2): 1/2 Alte precizari: thx bro
  4. Nick: Damino • Level:44 • Rank:1 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY):10.03.2018 • Reason: i have extra lesson at 19:00 server time • Anything else?: thx for reading
  5. AIM Damino

    gg nab
  6. today one of my best friends and my brother left the game, i want to tell you that i rly loved you like a brother and i still love you and i'll never forget you bro <3

    cya waifu

    i will not say good bye because we will stay on contact love you bro.


  7. AIM Damino

  8. AIM Damino

  9. AIM Damino

  10. AIM Damino

    gg nabul
  11. AIM Damino

    maybe it's late but Happy new year guys
  12. AIM Damino

    Happy new year guys <3
  13. Happy new year to all my friends <3


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