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  1. zL Father

    Bunicel, +1
  2. zL Father

    Cat de cat
  3. zL Father

    Bun rauu maa
  4. zL Father

  5. zL Father

  6. zL Father

    Foarte bine merge treaba =)))
  7. zL Father

    Am uitat sa rad
  8. zL Father

  9. zL Father

  10. zL Father

    Mersi, mersi Ce liceu esti? Si unde e acesta?
  11. zL Father

    CCM - Celegiul Cooperatist din Moldova Tu?
  12. zL Father

    Zaibisi bai, putin obositor ca am orele dupa masa suca In rest merge, tu cum?
  13. zL Father

    Ahuitelina sa vorbesti cu rusisme =))))
  14. zL Father

    Ibati, alt pidar din Moldova =)))

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