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    Iran , KhorasanRazavi , Mashhad
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    SA-MP , FootBall , CounterStrike , And Have Fun With My Friends

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  1. Helium ToV

    Nume in joc: Helium Contract: https://imgur.com/MriY9j0
  2. Helium ToV

    Nume în joc: HeliumContractul ales: https://imgur.com/a/xV4aBwu
  3. Helium ToV

    Nume in joc: Helium Contract: https://imgur.com/a/wCaSeSd
  4. Helium ToV

    Nume in joc:Helium Contract: https://imgur.com/SYtdaoQ
  5. Nickname:Helium.V2 Rank:4 Consent for (Training/Activity):Training The activity date: 21.02.2021 Consent number (x/y):2/2 Reason:I'm not home Other specifications:Good Luck
  6. Nume si rank: Helium, rank 5. Echipa: BOTH Data invorii: 21.02.2021 Numar invoire (x/y): 1/1 Motivul invorii: I'm at the work as you know Alte precizari: Goodluck with the training
  7. Daca am gresit ceva va rog sa ma contactati prin PM. Activitate: Mandat de perchezitie | Data: 14.02.2021 | Ora: 15:00 Organizator: Helium si Hirax. Membri prezenţi Candidate(0) - Officer (1) Zenod Anody Albert0MAN Detective (2) Morar_David Sergeant (3) Andy_Camatarul Kinoto ZmaraDulx[legend] Lieutenant (4) Hirax. Cloud Krogen Gabbiue LuciaNoN Baghera22 Haladit Captain (5) Helium FlaviusYOURDADDY ReplayNO Cassa. AnDeD [Speys] Andreea.M Assistant Chief (6) - Chief (7) Eduard Membri prezenti: 21 Membri învoiţi Officer (1) Blood adyy Stoony xThorr Detective (2) Beli .MariuS. Sergeant (3) [Cr.am3000biturbo ReMiXeD Lieutenant (4) Danut. Captain (5) Danony GabiGOLANISISNIGGA Cazan Madalin12 Assistant Chief (6) Membri invoiti: - Membri întârziaţi Officer (1) Detective (2) - Sergeant (3) danieL.POLITISTU (16min) -> av Lieutenant (4) - Captain (5) - Membri intarziati: 1 Membri absenţi Officer (1) Detective (2) Sergeant (3) Lieutenant (4) Andrew.Morningstar Captain (5) Pavel18Junior Membrii absenti: - Va multumesc pentru participare! Castigatorii sunt: danieL.POLITISTU
  8. Helium ToV

    Ls : LV : SF: Special Thanks To : @BattlEye @SauRon
  9. Rest in peace

  10. Helium ToV

  11. Name and rank: Helium , 4 Team: Swat Date:10.01.2021 Consent number (x/y):1/1 Reason:I need to join an election interview Other mentions:thanks
  12. Name:Helium Rank:4 I want in team: ROADS/SWAT The reason:I want to go after no drepts Onother specifications: Nothing thanks and good-luck
  13. Name and rank:H3Lium / Rank 3 Team:Road Date: 06.12.2020 Consent number (x/y):1/1 Reason:I need to do some jobs at office Other mentions: Thanks
  14. Name:H3Lium Rank:3 I want in team: ROADS/SWAT The reason:I want to try road with my new rank Onother specifications: Nothing thanks and good-luck

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