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  1. Nickname:HeLiumNrA Rank:4 Consent for (Training/Activity):Training The activity date:16.02.2020 Consent number (x/y):1/2 Reason:I'm at the office at the trainning time Other specifications:goodluck
  2. Nick:HeLium.NrA Rank:2 I want to get agreement from:war Date of activites:13.02.2020 Reason:Its my sister birthday Number of pass request this week:1/2 Other specifications:thnx and goodluck
  3. mrhn18

    Name:HeLiumNrA Helpers / Translators:bbomber83Activity date:9.02.2020Type of activity:LCS with patriotDescribe the activity:Members divide to groups with 2 members and each group has a patriot and the passenger must use SD-pistol to destroy other patriots Prize: 200K Cash Activity founding (Personal / Budget):PersonalOther specifications (things that you need):Nothing goodluck
  4. Nick:HeLium.NrA Rank:1 I want to get agreement from:war Date of activites:6.2.2020 Reason:im at office Number of pass request this week:1/2 Other specifications:goodluck at war
  5. Thanks Kelton , Now we have thing to do on the server more.
  6. Nick : HeLium. Rank : 1 La ce ma invoiesc (sedinta/antrenament/activitate/war): WAR Data la care nu poti veni : 22.01.2020 Lipsesc din motivul: i'm not at the home Numărul de învoiri din aceasta saptamana: 1/2 Alte precizari: -
  7. nick:HeLium Rank: 3 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate): activitate Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 19.01.2020 Numar invoiri(x/y) 1/2 Motivul: my university exams have started and i have to study for that Alte precizări: thanks and good-luck
  8. Nick: HeLium. Rank: 1 From what are you missing(meeting/training/activities/war war Date: 15.01.2020 Reason: I'm at office at the war times Number of requests from this week: 1/2 Other specifications:thanks
  9. mrhn18

    Nickname: HeLium. Rank: 4 Test with: YungSuri Theoretical part (x/3): 3/3 Guns part (x/5): x/5 Result (accepted/denied) : denied Other specifications: GoodLuck next time
  10. mrhn18

    Nickname: HeLium. Rank: 4 Test with: Covrigel Theoretical part (x/3): 1/3 Guns part (x/5): 3/5 Result (accepted/denied) : accepted Other specifications: Welcome to the future
  11. Nick: HeLium. Rank:3 I want to get agreement from:wars Date of activites:09/01/2020 Reason:im at office tonight Number of pass request this week:1/2 Other specifications:goodluck at wars
  12. Name : HeLium rank : 3 proofs : https://imgur.com/a/Z8oQivc other specifications : Thanks
  13. mrhn18

    great and useful thank you
  14. mrhn18

    i like it and use it

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