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  1. Good time right ?!   :))) i am so happy to have you as my friend.


    1. Ghost FBI

      Ghost FBI



  2. * Nume: Alessandro * Rank: 4 * Bară RPG (cea mică): https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/players/general/Alessandro * De ce dorești această funcție?: I think that i am well fit for the Tester Position, i will try to get only the good members inside LSPD. * Ai cunoștințe de limba engleză?: Yes English is the language i speak * Crezi că ne poți ajuta cu candidații?: Allways with pleasure. * Alte precizări: Thanks for reading my application.
  3. Alessandro

  4. Alessandro

    Hello Everyone i want to make a request to admins because they made an update that its not working for me. I was told that because of members abusing /su and then/clear they added a delay 5 minutes.. Yesterday somehow it worked for me and i did only 2 points after that it got bugy and game stop giving me wanted raport point. First wanted : https://prnt.sc/pdvlmp Second Wanted : https://prnt.sc/pdvlet This Wanted time : 30.09.2019 and 01.10.2019 Today i gave wanted at time 16:31:35 : http://prntscr.com/pdvopn Still, this is my raport Raport : https://prnt.sc/pdvjv6 http://prntscr.com/pdvr4u
  5. Alessandro

    - Nume:Alessandro - Rank:3  - Suma:10.000 - Dovada (SS): https://prnt.sc/pckuji - Motiv: Absent at meeting
  6. Alessandro

    We need to make an event in the memory of TheTom the legend Tom come back your office of Subleader is empty and it misses you
  7. Alessandro

    omg i laughed so hard
  8. Alessandro

    Display Name: Alessandro Doresc (Avatar/Semnatura/Userbar/Logo/Cover Profil): Avatar-Cover Link către ultima cerere făcută (obligatoriu): I never made a request this is my first time and i am hyped. Imagine (obligatoriu pentru semnătură): - Text: Alessandro Proud LSPD Member. Dimensiuni: i think i will leave it in your hand. Alte precizări: Thanks for your time this picture means alot to me cause in real life my cousin is part of RENEA the Albanian Special Police team and i growed up training and dreaming to join them.
  9. - Name:Alessandro - Rank:3 - I'm faking from: Meeting, 27 Septembrie, la ora 20:00 - The reason:I have my Brother birthday and i will have dinner in restourant with my family. - Other specifications: Thanks
  10. Alessandro

    lol nice one
  11. Alessandro

    ye its sad.....
  12. Alessandro

    try 0.3.7 client
  13. Alessandro

    nice work admins.
  14. Alessandro

  15. Alessandro

    holy road to 200 posts is hard and boring xD

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