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  1. AlessandroY1

    Nume:Alessandro Rank:6 Motiv:I am leaving because i have to go out of my city for 3 months, i will come back soon i guess. Alte precizari: Thanks TLG my family.
  2. Nick:AlessandroRank:3Reason: I think i need to step up the game.Other specifications: no.
  3. Salutare tuturor, numele meu este Alessandro pentru cei care încă nu mă știu, recent am fost promovat la rank 6 în minunatul clan TLG, eu vreau doar sa iau parte la activitati si să organisez o ședință alături de membri, în care să discut anumite subiecte, aceasta urmând sa fie ținută mâine la ora 16:00. Ședința este obligatorie. Fiecare care vrea să-și câștige un loc pe lista de legende a clanului trebuie să fie prezent. #TLGpower
  4. AlessandroY1

    Hello, i have been thinking of a server change that the departments/peaceful factions should talk to admins ect. Why don't we get a weekly salary. For example 100k a week for serving to the people of Los Santos.
  5. AlessandroY1

    Nickname: Alessandro Rank: 5 The amount: 500,000$ * Proof: http://prntscr.com/njmq71 Other specifications: BEST CLAN <3.
  6. AlessandroY1

    Hello well, i sow this topic of Discussions and i had a crazy idea for this weeks weekend. Well, how if we do a good event like no other people have seen on the server, My idea is to make a Riot Control Event we can invite some Peaceful factions like SF Taxi ect and they try to throw gas and fireworks at City Hall and We try to Protect the City Hall and the Mayor Inside City Hall. We can be on a big line and we can use shields and also tazers. Think about my idea. Have a good day all.
  7. AlessandroY1

    Hello, i know this is a topic for the bugs on the Marathon but to be honest udon'tt really find bugs on it u are doing a very good job on these crazy updates. Keep it up on the good work.
  8. AlessandroY1

  9. AlessandroY1

    Well im selling House Id 643. Located in Rodeo near Dealership. Floor 7. We will gather 4 or more players who will start to bid for this house. the higher bid ends the action.
  10. Nick: AlessandroRank:6Activity: DuelsDate: 01/27/2019Members who came: [uN]NeneaTROLL [TLG]A=Alex [TLG]Spike.YDN Alucard[VODA] Urkelbama[ToV] [TLG]RobyAlexis [TLG]Swayn khiri GioDulkeTeSeduke [TLG]adi.17Pictures : https://prnt.sc/mcxpn4 https://prnt.sc/mcxqxu https://prnt.sc/mcxrq8Other specifications:. Winner is [TLG]Swayn. He got 50k and Optional Raport for next week. Thanks for comming in my Activity.
  11. Nick:AlessandroRank: 6Theme of the meeting:Duels with faction members.Date and time: 01.27.2019 21:00 PMLocation:Training Room Prize : 50K and Optional Raport for next week.Other specifications:Activity is Optional.
  12. AlessandroY1

    - Name:Alessandro - Rank:2 - Seniority clan:30 days - Why do you want to leave this clan?: I dont like paying a tax to stay in a clan with people that dont eaven say hello to you. - What do you think about The Legends after spending time here?:Pro Players good clan - Other specifications:Respect
  13. AlessandroY1

    Trying to rob a low level and the role-play was actually very realistic http://prntscr.com/luno3d
  14. Hello B-Zone, Today i want to open this discussion with u because i want the server to change. Getting money in the server is hard, u have 2 ways To do missions or to do jobs or even illegal trades like Drugs and gun smuggling. The server should do a progress for factions in the next update, Every Faction member gets a Salary for serving to the community, this motivates people more and its not going to make them log in only to do the activity report. Make it by ranks like : Rank 1 gets 5K a day, Rank 2 10 a day ect ect. They can only achieve their salary if they are online. I think that this will be very fun for all players who are in a faction and actually care about the community by serving them all day, Best regards. Alessandro/
  15. AlessandroY1

    Nick:Alessandro Rank:2 Comlpained nick:Andrei_G Complained level:57 Complained faction: Civil Complaint reason:DM Proof (screenshot/video):http://prntscr.com/lto4wq Complained RPG bar:

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