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    I agree
  2. Ceb’s Racism Everyone is familiar with this incident especially in the Dota 2 community where Ceb was accused of using racism slur to other players during a competition. It happened where “The individual, who introduced himself as Maxim, described a game in which he felt Ceb made some misplays, he taunted Ceb for it, and then they “had an unpleasant dialogue.” The complaint included screencaps of chat messages”. Ceb accepted his responsibility and talked with Valve. 😀 Moving forward, it’s great that they have disclosed that issue with a lot of learning on everyone. For example, we might say some things in the heat of the moment but we need to be sensitive on what we say and to not hurt the whole race of that person. Cheating incident In a Dota 2 competition at Valve’s The International 8 tournament, Thunder Predator (from Peru) was dismissed because of the use of a programmable mouse by the team’s “carry” player, Atun in the competition. 😓“Cheating won’t get anywhere”. Now, that I see TP is getting better in playing fairly, even though they haven’t apologized for Atun’s actions.. I think they learned from it. Crossfire Rules Recently, World Cyber Games held their 4-days Grand Finals at Xi’an, China. Crossfire is one of the games that many people were watching to support their country’s representative. WCG announced Black Dragons (from Brazil) were part of the semi-finalists but then the next day, they’ve changed their decision and put ALL GAMERS (from China) instead and eliminated BD which caused a lot of bad reactions from fans. WCG released a statement about this issue and explained how they’ve based the decision from their rules (Head-to-head rule). 😶 I’ve come to understand both sides and I think both were correct. There has some been misunderstandings on the rules but WCG thoroughly explained their side and accepted their mistake. Also, I don't see any bias with the rules... Counter Strike cheating in Mid-tournament OpTic India player Nikhil "Forsaken" Kumawat was caught cheating by using a hack and hide it on his computer. After several suspicions, an official checked it and confirmed that there was a hack file when he attempted to delete it. He was banned for every competition and he would never be able to play in the pro scene again. 😥 I truly felt sad with this incident, he could have played fairly and not get this result. Well, consequences are consequences. What are the incidents that you know happened in eSports or in gaming?
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    Am, dar nu este de vânzare...
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    am râs atat de tare 🤣
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    - Nick-ul tau: CliffNotTheBigRedDog- Prenume: Clifford- Varsta: 23 ani- Locatia: Statele Unite ale Americii dar eu sunt filipinez- Ocupatie: Contabilul executiv- Jocul(rile) preferat(e): LoL, Overwatch, Resident Evil, și Dota 2- Hobby-urile tale: A juca baschet și jocuri - O descriere despre tine (minim 10 cuvinte):frumos, amuzant, Ceva de prost uneori, leneş, iubitor de muzică - De unde ai aflat de B-Zone Community?: De la prietenii mei - Alte precizari?:-
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    Care este melodia dvs. preferată pentru coloana sonoră? <<Puteți posta orice doriți, atâta timp cât respectați regulile>> O sa incep:
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    😍 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOpLs6qfYoI

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