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  1. Hello, nice to see you here.
  2. Rustom

    It's not really bug. just confusing to understand on website. deduct only 5.6kk but on website its show 8kk
  3. Clan Wars: At level 10, the clans will be able to participate with 5 members in the wars, and at the level 20, the clans will be able to participate with 10 members. Members to participate in clan wars will be selected using the /clanmembers command. The condition that a member can be added to clan wars is that he has accumulated at least 300 XP in the current week. By typing the /clanwar command, any clan member can view the list of members who have been enrolled to participate in the following clan wars. Also through this command the leader can set a minimum rank required to give other members access to the function of adding / removing members of the clan wars. Also, by selecting a member from the list displayed by /clanwar will remove that member from the list of participants in the following war rounds. The wars between the clans will be held on Saturdays between 15:00 and 16:00. The list of members participating in clan wars can be changed at any time during the week, but it will no longer be able to be changed during the wartime hours on Saturdays. For a clan to be eligible to participate in the war, it must have a minimum of 5 participants enrolled in the clan wars. There are only two types of war between the clans: 5 vs 5 and 10 vs 10. If a clan is level 20 and can participate with 10 members in the wars, but it has a list of only 7 participants for example, then 2 members out of the 7 will be randomly removed, leaving 5 members enrolled in the list to participate in the 5 vs 5 war type. If a 20-level clan has 10 participants enrolled in wars, then it will participate in 10 vs 10 wars against other clans that also have 10 enrolled participants. If no such opponent is found then 5 clan members will be eliminated from that clan, leaving 5 members on the list who will participate in 5 vs 5 wars against other clans of the same number of participants. A round of war takes 30 minutes, so any clan will be able to participate twice in that weekly war hours. Opponent clans are randomly chosen. If there is an odd number of clans who have set their list of members participating in the war, then one of the clans (randomly chosen) will not be able to participate in the respective rounds, because it has no opponent. Clan wars will take place somewhere between the three cities on a fixed turf that will not be owned by anyone. Warriors will be able to access the command /gun to select the weapons they will use. Every time a participant dies on the turf, he will be the spectator of the opponent who killed him. Once you entered the turf, you can not go out. You can not damage other warriors if you are not on the turf. The respawn will be done in opposite corners for the two clans outside the turf. During the wars, every 5 minutes a bonus box will be randomly spawned on the turf. There are 4 types of bonus boxes with some features: Normal Box: Has HP: 5,000 and offers 50 Bonus Points Master Box: Has HP: 10,000 and offers 100 Bonus Points Champion Box: Has HP: 15,000 and offers 150 Bonus Points Legendary Box: Has HP: 20,000 and offers 200 Bonus Points Warriors can shoot in those boxes to take them down. The clan that causes damage to the box at least half of the box's HP will receive as a reward that box's bonus score according to its type. It will also count the bonus box score to every participant that causes damage to the box of at least 250 HP. The information of each box will be displayed through a graphical interface above the radar and a 3D text located next to the box. There may be several bonus boxes spawned at the same time, but the graphical interface above the radar will only display the information of the last spawned box and the total number of non-destroyed boxes on the turf. War statistics will be counted through a table on the right side of the screen, similar to normal wars. The winner of the war round will be the highest-score clan resulting by gathering the clan's KDR and the total bonus points accumulated from the destruction of the boxes. More specifically, if a clan has KDR (Kill / Death Ratio) 10 and 150 Bonus Points (resulted from a Champion box) then that clan will have a score of 10 + 150 = 160. At the end of the war round, you'll see war statistics through a graphical interface and both clans will receive a certain amount of XP. The amount of XP is calculated by clan level and by type of war (5 vs 5 or 10 vs 10). Also, the winning clan will receive a double XP vs the losing clan.
  4. Rustom

    ''/surrender '' In Jail LS only in time between 2:00 - 8:00 Because many times we want to put account on sleep or want to do missions but because of wanted we cant do other things and PD also not online that time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ''/color <Color1> <Color2>'' only for Special occasions who already have hidden colors on his vehicle they can change it with different hidden colors for free without lose gold but loss 500$.
  5. It May you be blessed with happiness and well being to last through the year. Happy Diwali 2019.



  6. Rogue Warriors [RW] Discord link join here => https://discord.gg/UXUcXsB
  7. Hi Sir this is me Jelo

  8. login with rpg3_poterake19 name on rpg1 site or in SAMP.
  9. Ganpati Bappa Morya! | गणपती बाप्पा मोरया!



  10. Nickname: KeTaN Rank: 5 Team: ( Roads or Swat ) Swat I will be gone because: it's summer and i am going on vacation with family to village and i can't connect SAMP. Other specifications?: Success!
  11. Rustom

    Candidații care se vor afla pe lista de vot pentru funcția de primar al lunii Mai vor fi: @South Craym @DeV Remus @Madalin Votul va avea loc in data de 30.04.2019 la ora 22:45. Votul se va face printr-un sondaj de opinie organizat pe website. Puteti vota favoritul aici: www.rpg3.b-zone.ro/players/poll/449  Succes!
  12. Rustom

    Aplicaţiile pentru funcţia de Primar al lunii Mai au fost deschise. Succes! Câteva criterii: * Să nu fi avut banuri / sancțiuni recente. * Un comportament decent. * Să aveți o activitate decenta. * Să aveți o vechime pe server. * Levelul minim al Primarului este:15 * Pentru a candida trebuie să fiți Civil și fără Faction Punish. * Să respectați modelul de aplicare.  Note: Ne rezervăm dreptul de a alege persoane capabile pentru acest grad chiar dacă îndepliniți cerințele de mai sus. Motivele pentru care veți fi respinși se vor regăsi aici, nu trimiteți PM pentru mai multe explicații deoarece nu le veți avea.
  13. SF Taxi is the peaceful faction that deals with transporting people for a sum of money. 1. Faction Chat (/f) 1.1. You are not allowed to use a vulgar language towards colleagues (sanction: Faction Warn /Dismissal) 1.2. You are not allowed to sell, change or buy things on this chat (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 1.3. You are not allowed to do Spam (sanction: Fine + Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 1.4. You are not allowed to use CapsLock (sanction: Fine + Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 1.5. You can use emotions. 1.6. You have an obligation to announce this chat when you take a car from HQ. 1.7. You have to announce this chat when you finish the job with a car and give it respawn (sanction: Verbal Warning) 1.8. You are not allowed to request rank on any chat (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 2. All companies chat (/tx) 2.1. You are welcome to ask your colleagues for help on this chat. 2.2. You have to announce this chat when you take a vehicle from the other companies (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 2.3. You have to announce this chat when you finish the job with a vehicle from other companies (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 2.4. You are not allowed to use CapsLock on this chat (sanction: Fine + Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 2.5. You are not allowed to Spam on this chat (sanction: Fine + Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 2.6. You are not allowed to sell, change or buy things on this chat (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 2.7. You are not allowed to challenge this chat (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn /Dismissal) 2.8. Using this crazy chat leads to your sanction (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn or Dismissal) 2.9. In the interval 00:00 - 08:00 this chat becomes FREE CHAT, but business, quarrels, caps lock, spam are forbidden. 3. Fare /fare 1 for LS / SF / LV Taxi members /fare 20 for the rest of the players 3.1. Respect the price for /fare always. 3.2. You are not allowed to transfer without /fare (sanction: Faction Warn) 3.3. If you have wronged /fare a customer, correct it immediately (sanction: Faction Warn) 3.4. Do not transfer anyone without /fare; whether or not you will be sanctioned (sanction: Faction Warn) 4. Faction orders /fare - you put on duty /accept taxi ID - accept an order /cancel taxi ID - cancel an order /servicecalls - see pending orders /fvs - spawn a vehicle at HQ /members - displays all members of the faction /fdeposit - deposit money in HQ /fputdrugs - Store drugs in HQ /fputmaterials - Store materials in HQ /fwithdraw - Get money from HQ /fbalance - see money in HQ /fvr - respawn all faction vehicles /skins - change the skin /f - you can talk on faction chat /tx - you can chat with all Taxi companies /ftalkpower - Restrict chats on ranks /fwithdrawpower - Set the minimum rank to can withdraw materials/drugs/money from the warehouse faction. 4.1. Do not abuse orders. (sanction: Faction Warn /Dismissal) 5. Faction vehicles 40 vehicles of type premier (rank 0) 20 vehicles of type Cabbie (rank 1) 5 vehicles of type Tahoma (rank 2) 5 vehicles of type alpha (rank 2) 5 vehicles of type Huntley (rank 2) 5 vehicles of type Sultan (rank 3) 1 vehicles of type Maverick (rank 3) 5.1. You have to notify when you take a vehicle from HQ on ch. /f. EX: "Taxi to Me" (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn ) 5.2. You have to announce when you take a vehicle from LS / LV Taxi HQ a vehicle on the chats /tx. EX: "Taxi LS to me" (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn ) 5.3. You have an obligation to announce when you are responding to a vehicle. EX: /f Taxi rr or /tx Taxi LS rr (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn ) 5.4. You have the right to use the vehicles for your personal use, but respawn them after you finish the job with them. 5.5. You have the right to tune the faction vehicles, but without Nos and Hydra (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn ) 5.6. You may paint the faction vehicles only in white, yellow and Color of the Week (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn ) 5.6. After you finish the job with a faction vehicle, announce on /f or on /tx this. Example: Taxi rr. 6. Making orders 6.1. Choose the fastest route, do not get around the client. We want to have satisfied customers. (sanction: Faction Warn ) 6.2. For more information, check the 'Activity Report' topic. 6.3. During an order, you are not allowed to speak on the phone or through messages. If there is anything urgent, ask the customer if they allow you. (Sanction: Faction Warn). 6.4. If a customer is AFK when you reach him, do a picture / picture to not wake up for having not honored the order. If you do not checkpoint to automatically /cancel taxi, you will write [/cancel taxi]. 6.5. If the client is AFK when you reach the destination with it, use the /eject command and make an SS before. You do not have to wait. 6.6. If you give /q with an active command you will receive Faction Warn. 6.7. You are not allowed to take a customer if someone else has given him / her a taxi. (Sanction: Faction Warn). 6.8. If you accept an order and somebody jumps in the Taxi in the meantime, you have to give it before you take it 1km. You also need to prove that you have accepted an order. (from chat, not from checkpoint). (Sanction: verbal warning at first offense, Faction Warn at second offense). 6.9. If a client tells you to wait for him to come down, it's your choice. 6.10. If the customer does not answer, ask twice. If it does not answer then, use /eject after you have done the evidence. 6.11. If a policeman gives /ms to the client, you can continue at your own risk. You can get wanted for accomplice. 6.12. If someone says they want CNN for example, but they do not specify the city, you have to ask what city. If he does not have preferences, you have to take him to the nearest CNN. (Sanction: Faction Warn). 6.13. You can make orders with wanted of no right to surrender on your own risk. If you are killed during an order and do not honor the order, you received Faction Warn. 6.14. You can make orders with wanted of right to surrender, but if a cop arrests you with a client, you will receive a Faction Warn. 6.15. If you run out of fuel during an order, you will receive a Faction Warn. 6.16. You are not allowed to intentionally explode a taxi with an order. (Sanction: Faction Warn). * This will only be sanctioned with clear evidence (video). 6.17. Rule canceled. 6.18. If you take a person without /fare you will receive a verbal warning at first offense, and a Faction Warn at the second offense. 6.19. You are allowed to have people on the faction car (/tog), but do not transport it instead of being a customer to pay for it. 6.20. A taxi driver has the right to expel a customer from the car (/eject) if he / she insults or accuses in any form. 6.21. If a customer tells you an unimportant location, ask him for that location. If it does not give you details, you can give it /eject. Take the picture that asked for an unimportant location. 6.22. If a second or third person ascends to the Taxi that wants a different location from the first one, give it /eject. (Sanction: Faction Warn). 6.23. If a customer comes out with the gun on the glass by pressing the "H" key (if it does DM, optional if it does not make DM), you are telling him to climb without pressing the H key. If he refuses, do the SS and give him / her. Whoever breaks this rule will be punished with Faction Warn. 6.24. You may eject if a customer asks you to take him to a second location. 6.25. When you reach a customer and tell you a location, and after changing it, it is at your choice whether you want to go to that location or if you want to give it /eject. If you get to the place, go out and give G, and the same thing is at your choice. 6.26. Always use /fare. 6.27. Observe the minimum number of points required in the Activity Report topic. 6.28. The important places to know SF Taxi members are those in the Entrance Test topic. 6.29. If a customer requests 1km you will eject and take the picture (sanction: Faction Warn) 6.30. If a player asks you to take him to a "suspect" location, such as PNS, City Hall and others that seem suspicious, whether he tells you back or not, and he does not make sure he is had a job in that place, when you arrive at the first destination, the taxi driver has the obligation to do evidence and to give him / her the respective player. (sanction: Faction Warn). You have the right to ask the customer if they have the job there and prove it. 6.31. You may use the /gps command during an order. 6.32. You are not allowed to put your AFK in an order (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) - clear evidence. 7. Jobs 7.1. You are allowed to have any job anytime. 7.2. If the leader asks you to take a job for a specific activity in the faction, you are forced to take it. (sanction: Faction Warn) 8. DeathMatch, Rob & Drugs, Materials 8.1. You can give a Rob whenever you want. 8.2. You can make DM the cops anytime, except when they're in business. 8.3. You can make DM on BlackList players. 8.4. You can make DM in ClanZone if you have /clanduty. (sanction: Faction Warn) 8.5. You are allowed to have drugs and materials. 9. Meeting and activities 9.1. The meeting will be announced by the leader two days before. 9.2. If you can not reach the meeting you must post in the "pass request'' topic. 9.3. If you are absent from the meeting without a request to make a receipt, you will receive Faction Warn. 9.4. Avoid talking uncomfortably during the meeting. Use /wave (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 9.5. Orders allowed during the session are /gro, /chairsit, /wave. 9.6. Delays in the meeting are sanitized with Verbal Warning or Faction Warn. 9.7. After the meeting / activities, a statistics must be posted on the forum. 9.8. You are allowed to organize activities from rank 4. 9.9. Required activities are announced at least 2 days in advance. 9.10. Optional activities are announced at least 12 hours in advance. 9.11. You can organize up to 3 activities per week, of which maximum 1 is mandatory. 9.12. Rank 5 members are optional at the meeting, but if they are online, they must participate (sanction: Faction Warn) 9.13. Do not stay AFK unannounced during the hearing (sanction: Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 9.14. Inactivity longer than 3 days is not sanctioned; focus on report, not on log in. 10. Other Rules 10.1. You can own any weapon. 10.2. You can participate in violent events without the consent of anyone. 10.3. You can organize violent events without someone's permission. 10.4. Rule canceled. 10.5. You may post more comments on complaints, but do not talk badly there. 10.6. You are allowed to wear inferior ranked skin and rank you own at the time. 10.7. Evidence in complaints must be posted within 24 hours. 10.8. An inactivity request is void if the player spends more than one hour on the game during inactivity. 10.9. Who gets into the faction on Wednesday or after will be invoiced by the report in that week. 10.10. Inactivity requests are also called REQUESTS FOR EXCLUSION OF REPORT, which means, according to the regulation, that you can only count on the report for the week / next week, not for the current one. 10.10.1. the rule to remove inactive players for 3+ days will be removed. 10.10.2. the player can not make inactivity request to an activity report already in progress, only from future reports. 10.10.3. players with rank 1 can not make inactivity. 10.10.4. players with rank 2 can only make inactivity request for a week of the report. 10.10.5. 3+ players can make inactivity request for two weeks of the report. 10.11. You are not allowed to ask your clients for a tip (sanction: Faction Warn) 10.12. Helpers and Admins have an optional report. 10.13. If you come into faction (invite rank 1) on Wednesday or after, you are invoiced by the report that week. 10.14. Members rank 5, 6 and leader have optional presence, whether mandatory. 10.15. If you run taxi services, you risk being sanctioned (Verbal Warning /Faction Warn) 10.16. The languages allowed on /f and /tx are RO and EN. 10.17. Rank 5 members have the right and obligation to comment on candidates' applications to help the leader make decisions. 10.17.1. They have an obligation to use a decent language, without jail or insults, without swearing. 10.17.2. They have the obligation to provide well-grounded reasons alongside the response (PRO / CONTRA - reason) 10.17.3. Offer a vote considering the following: description, reason, hours played in the current month, and other side issues. 10.17.4. The leader has the right to sanction 5+ members who do not meet the above conditions. 10.18. The leader has the right to occasionally award members for their work within the faction. 10.19. It is forbidden to ask for rank up, clear Faction Warn, or to knock out related issues on common chats with your leader on /f and /tx colleagues (sanction: Faction Warn) 10.20. It is forbidden for members to raise money, drugs or materials from the faction's safe box unless they have the consent of the leader. (sanction: Faction Warn) 11. Skins 11.1. Wearing inappropriate skin rank leads to your sanctioning with Faction Warn. 11.2. You are allowed to wear skins corresponding to other ranks only if the leader allows it. 11.3. You may wear Platinum skin. 12. Blacklist 12.1 faction members who are on a Blacklist they have 72 hours to pay a blacklist fine otherwise they will be initially sanctioned with a Verbal Warning, and if blacklist payments are not made within the next 24 hours, the member will be dismissed.
  14. Nickname: KeTaN Rank: 5 Team: ( Roads or Swat ) Swat I will be gone because: Internet, i can't tell you when it's will go OFF so it's better way to give a pass requests to avoid sanction. Other specifications?: Not conform but try to attend activity 100%.

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