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  1. Jolly

    Take care brother ❤️
  2. Nickname: Jolly Invoirea cu numarul: 1 Rank: 3 Motivul absentei: I'm not sure if i'll be at home that time, but if i'm then i'll come. Data sedintei / activitati : 10.11.2019 Alte precizari: Thanks
  3. Jolly

    Hahah, have some beer.
  4. Jolly

    n me?
  5. Jolly

    Hey Sebi, i don't think this will give any advantages to the game, if this system is added again then he can do the raport on Monday and can just do /sleep or enter on the server for 2-3 min just to make his last login up to date. Just for info, not offensive. ❤️
  6. Jolly

    Your nickname: JollyServer: Rpg1Description of the bug: Can't receive the vortex on 1st day maraton.Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/haW5dDZ
  7. Jolly

    Gn Helper duty 24/7 :3, u?
  8. Jolly

    good Hmmmm same, come to game nibba.
  9. Nickname: Jolly Permission number: 2 Rank: 2 Absence motivation: I'll be out for 2-3 hours that time, and i'll be back till 21:30 or more. Date of meeting / activities: 27.10.2019 Anything more: Thanks ❤️
  10. Jolly

    Wasup bro
  11. Jolly

    Grade given.
  12. Jolly

    Your nickname: JollyServer: Rpg1Description of the bug: We can't see the pumpkins in front of any house.Screenshot(s): In the game.
  13. Jolly

    Can't you add the face in logo too.

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