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  1. Jolly

    Grade granted. Wlcm to the server.
  2. Name: Jolly Rank: 2 Namecover actions: Click Number of namecover actions: 1x confiscation, 1x drugs possession wanted, 1x kill. Other specifications?:- Ty ❤️
  3. Name: Jolly Rank: 2 Namecover actions: Click Number of namecover actions: 1x confiscate, 1x /su for drugs, 1x arrest. Other specifications?:- Ty ❤️
  4. Jolly

    Participant name (Discord ID#): Jolly#7655 Other members name from your team ( In case you have a team ) : Cainn#9882 Do you agree with the rules from above?: Yup Other mentions: Thanks for the event.
  5. Name: Jolly Rank: 2 Namecover actions: Here Number of namecover actions: 1x Drugs posession/use, 1x confiscate Other specifications?:- Thanks
  6. Jolly

    @Kelton It's awesome. The treasure hunt bag will going to be respawn after every 2min after they've been discovered?
  7. Jolly

    Aa, cred că kelton l-a menționat înainte că există mai mult de 400 de bilete mai mult, așa că poate dura chiar și lună pentru a răspunde în funcție de timpul liber.
  8. Jolly

    Accepted for the grade, welcome and have fun at Discord.B-zone.ro.
  9. Jolly

    You can use low texture modpack which will help you with your frame rates and will less the lag too.
  10. * Nickname: Jolly * Rank: 1 * Date of the activity: 25th August, 2019 * I will be gone because: Sorry i can't be a part of the meeting bcoz 21:00 is too late specially because I'm from India and 21:00 means 23:30 here and Monday is a working day for me. But I'll try my best to be a part of the meeting. * Other specifications?: Most probably I'll be there but i don't want to take risk.
  11. Hello, wassup my brothers and colleagues.
  12. Jolly

    @Kelton 08:25 is the opening time for the server tomorrow, or you are talking about today's backup timing?
  13. Jolly

    @Kelton The server's opening has postponed from 13 to another other time? Or it'll be opening in another 15-20min?
  14. Jolly

    pwp kelton. Excited to connect in game :)))))
  15. Jolly

    count down starts. :D

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