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  1. Your nickname: SideLo Server: RPG1 & RPG2 Description of the bug: It tells that you get 'Double Respect Points' for playing 4 hours' but it actually just gives 1 Respect Point. Screenshot(s) Video(s): Sorry my bad I Retrag
  2. RW Sidelo

    not bad but not too good as well so it's moderate
  3. RW Sidelo

    It is very useful, I was wondering if maybe you can add "Online Civilians"
  4. RW Sidelo

    Have you tried removing all your mod packs and using samp addon, make sure you have latest cleo & sampfuncs. everything can be found here: https://forum.b-zone.ro/files/ or in google
  5. RW Sidelo

    Thank you I guess sorry I did not knew that so if I connect on 2 accounts I will get full interest on 2 account right.
  6. RW Sidelo

    Your nickname: SideLo Server: RPG1 maybe also in RPG2 as well. Description of the bug: The Bank does not give proper interest "some times" "not every time", I have money $9kk+ in Bank with 0.03% interest rate it should give me around $2700 interest but instead it gives $600 interest only. I tried this in my second account it had $6kk in bank with 0.01% interest rate means $600 interest right ? But it gave only $200 interest it was also "You received double respect points and paycheck for your first of the day." that time. Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/1hJOign < Click
  7. Nick: SideLo Rank: Cabbie (3) Tasks (proofs): https://postimg.cc/5Xsb2sSB Specifications: It was fun finding this location
  8. RW Sidelo

    Rob System: 1) When rob leader leaves the game: If they have not shoot the first camera: Immediately someone else from rob group should be made rob leader (Priority Scout>Gas>Gold>Airplane) so they can invite someone else and wont lose rob point so they can continue doing rob. if they have shot the camera + thrown gas: Again it should make someone else rob leader (Priority Scout>Gas>Gold>Airplane) and the remaining group should continue doing the rob, it should not fail/end the rob because rob leader crash. 2) When Scout or Gas Man leaves the game: if he crash before checkpoint: Rob Leader should be able to invite player or change the roles of rob group so someone else complete crash player task. if he crash after checkpoint: Scout>Gas>Gold>Airplane one of them should be made Scout or Gas Man. 3) When Gold Melter or Airplane Loaner leaves the game: if he crash before checkpoint: Rob Leader should be able to invite player or change the roles of rob group so someone else complete crash player task. if he crash after checkpoint: It does not make any difference his work is done rob continue. 4) It should give Wanted 6 after 120 seconds of first jewellery stolen. 5) If someone crash before entering checkpoint his rob points should not deduct. 6) PD should not be able to shoot the shamal when it is on ground (I mean when shamal has not taken off it should be immune to bullets). Solo Rob: 1) It takes 15 rob points and gives less money than Group Rob(10 rob points). So this needs to be balanced Solo rob should be done at 10 rob points too. 2) On every rob skill increase it adds +10 seconds in the rob process upto max +40 seconds on skill 5.
  9. RW Sidelo

    Good Luck to everyone I hope everyone enjoys this opportunity
  10. RW Sidelo

    Nickname: SideLo Rank: 2 Chosen color (only color's ID): 106
  11. RW Sidelo

    Your nickname: SideLo Server: rpg1 & rpg2 Description of the bug: when doing Lumberjack mission if we leave the car and enter interior we cannot enter the job car again. Screenshot(s):
  12. RW Sidelo

    very useful mod keep it up !
  13. RW Sidelo

    are locatii de b-zone si culoare inchisa
  14. RW Sidelo

    Name: SideLo Server: rpg1 & rpg2 Issue: when I was gold melter I got checkpoint in LV to set drop location on my way I typed [/switchjob] to repair the car. Suddenly checkpoint disappeared from the map. screenshot: cNEhoAr_d.webp (760×608) (imgur.com)
  15. RW Sidelo

    Somehow Re-installing fresh/clean GTA San Adreas solved the issue.

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