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  1. Nick: WARREN.EXE Level: 89 Rank: 1 As dori sa ma invoiesc de la:war Data activitatii:18.10.2017 Motivul: Nu sunt acasa. A cata invoire pe aceasta saptamana este?:1 Alte precizari: Bafta la wars!!
  2. Nick: WARREN.BTG Rank: 1 The reason for your absence: I'm not at home. Sorry bro. The wars date: 17.10.2017 Total number of pass requests this week: 1
  3. Hai salut. Wrong topic am vrut la discutii.
  4. Downloadezi asta: si bagi in folderu cu samp. Bafta.
  5. Nick: WARREN Rank:2 The reason dor your absence:I''m not at home today, i'm so sorry. The wars date: 11.09.2017 Total numbers of pass request this week: 1/2
  6. Deja e bybased de cateva luni, anticheatu asta e JALNIC B-ZONE !
  7. Nick: WARREN.BTG Rank: 1 Sanctionat pentru: Absenta. Dovada platii: Alte precizari: -
  8. Nick: WARREN Rank:1 The reason for your absence: I'm not at home, sorry i cam to next wars. The wars date: 22.08.2017 Total numbers of pass request this week: 1/2
  9. Nick: WARREN.BTG Rank: 1 Sanctionat pentru: Absenta 2/3 wars Dovada platii: Data amenzi platite. 21.08.2017 Alte precizari: -
  10. keltone mancatias talentu ti-am dat pm acu o saptamana

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    2. TLG Dominique ROYAL

      TLG Dominique ROYAL

      si eu acum o saptamana, ma rog

    3. MaRiO TSA

      MaRiO TSA

      Eu i-am dat un pm cu titlu "cv important" mi-a raspuns in juma de ora si i-am spus ca l-am pakalit

    4. Rough