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  1. ChandNotFound

    Hmmm. Good update. GG
  2. ChandNotFound

    Hello Fellas, what do you think about the halloween update? Happy Halloween!
  3. Nick: Chandler.Rank: SF Trainee (1)What can you not attend this week?: MeetingDate of Meeting/Activity: 31.10.2021Reason: Time differences. Meeting time will fall on 2AM here and I need to rest early for an important college meeting tomorrow. Also canceled my LSPD Activity schedule because of it. Have a nice day and have a fruitful meeting.
  4. - Name: Chandler - Rank: (2) Detective - I want to pass: Activity at 31.10.2021 20:30 - Requests this month: First - The reason: Time differences, the activity time falls on almost 3am here, and I need to sleep early for early endeavors tomorrow. - Other specifications: Have a blast guys, I thought I can come, but priorities first. Happy Halloween!
  5. ChandNotFound

    Woah! Happy Halloween, B-Zone!
  6. ChandNotFound

    Tiring week, so many things to do. I need to adjust my time for my priorities. helluva week
  7. ChandNotFound

    Hello, fellow officers. How was your weekend?
  8. -Nickname: Chandler -Rank: 2 (Detective) -Proof: click >> here << -Additional information: Found 'em.
  9. ChandNotFound

    Yo my man @Argent how's your week?
  10. ChandNotFound

    Hello folks, let's start our week with a smile, have a nice week everyone!
  11. -Nickname: Chandler -Rank: 2 (Detective) -Proof: For Admins > "click", Helpers > "click", and Leaders "click" -Additional information: Hopin' that they have a good day.
  12. ChandNotFound

    I feel you. I think we will have tons of school works soon as we progress on our first semester.
  13. ChandNotFound

    Hello there colleagues, how was your week so far?
  14. ChandNotFound

    - Name: Chandler - Rank: 2 - I want in team: S.W.A.T. - This is the first time to join this team : Yes - Other mentions: Its time!
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