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  1. New York, New York!

  2. ChandNotFound

    One of the best times of the year, Happy Birthday B-Zone!
  3. Autobots, roll out.

    1. rewxler


      oh, don't worry, we got enough alts for the job.

  4. Howdy, fellas?

    1. Argent


      im under the wateeeeeeeeeeerrrrr

    2. ChandNotFound


      plis elp mi

  5. ChandNotFound

    Nick: Chandler Reason for leaving the clan: Quitting samp, and i want to spend my remaining vacation days for taking a rest on everything, after a tiring school year and gaming. My opinion about the clan: Voda is one of the longest clan that is still relevant to the game, its share on thr community which fosters veteran players continuing the clan's tradition is one of the best things of the clan. Other information: Big thanks to Standar and Dabro for giving me an opportunity to be here, and to share a family with my co members. We may meet again.
  6. Slowly losing interest.

  7. ChandNotFound

    Hey, this is my first time posting here as a member. About the parade that we had, it was a unique experience on the kind of activities that I've participated as a faction member. You can feel the camaraderie and the bond with our alliance. I stayed up all night (time differences) and it was totally worth it. I'm looking forward for another unique activity like this in the future.
  8. ChandNotFound

    - Name: Chand - Rank: (5) SF Manager - Date of the test: 1/06/2021 - Candidate: Tigger - Results (x/3): 1.5/3 - Observed by: (only for new testers): - - Name: Chand - Rank: (5) SF Manager - Date of the test: 1/06/2021 - Candidate: Hellhammer - Results (x/3): 0/3 - Observed by: (only for new testers): -
  9. ChandNotFound

    - Name: Chand - Rank: (5) SF Manager - Date of the test: 1/06/2021 - Candidate: qtmilan - Results (x/3): 3/3 - Observed by: (only for new testers): -
  10. ChandNotFound

    Happy children's day! cheers with candies.
  11. ChandNotFound

    Thank you! Happy Children's day! Gg @Mushroomfor the map. U the real mvp.
  12. ChandNotFound

    What kind of sorcery is that? Pro GG!
  13. ChandNotFound

    Nickname: Chand. Rank: 5 Proofs: Link

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