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  1. ChandTheGreat

    @AIM BASTARDO waiting for the second step on your weekly missions. Imma channel my inmer detective skills for this.
  2. ChandTheGreat

    Nume Real : Densho Numele din joc (link website): https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/players/general/Chand. Vârstă: 20 years old. O scurtă descriere a ta: Greetings fellas! My name is Densho and I'm from the Philippines. I play basketball and a lot of video games. Let's spread love and care in this challenging times we face everyday. Good day! Link poză: Chand.
  3. ChandTheGreat

    Name: Chand. Faction: SFSI Message: Long live our legends!
  4. Nickname: Chand. Meeting / Activity: Activity Date and hour: 22/03/2021 Statistics (Present / Absent members): here Winner/s name/s, Prize that they have received: Lil.Kayn (Prize:100k), Gicu (Prize:100k), ArmandoTiganu (Prize:50k) Other mentions: If anyone have a question PM me. We enjoyed it all! GG SFSI!
  5. ChandTheGreat

    Well, doing faction stuffs as always. Never get tired of it. How about you?
  6. ChandTheGreat

    Nickname: Chand. Rank: Senior Instructor (3) Proofs: https://imgur.com/a/fRvvsaY
  7. Feels good to be back.

  8. ChandTheGreat

    @VODA BASTARDO cool update, the quest is easier to finish and the gift location is good because it is near our hq. I enjoyed doing that tic-tac-toe minigame.
  9. ChandTheGreat

    Hello, i'm wondering how are you guys doin? Have you completed your duties? Good luck and see ya.
  10. Nick:Chandler • Rank: 3 • What can you not attend this week?:Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 03.10.2020 • Reason: There's a family gathering i need to attend to, and i won't be at home by the time of the activity. • Anything else?: Nothing. Thanks.
  11. ChandTheGreat

    Hello guys, how are you all? Hope y'all have a good day.
  12. ChandTheGreat

    Hello, How are you guys?
  13. ChandTheGreat

    • Nick: Chandler • Rank: 5 • Date of test: 3/7/2020 • Candidate: AGN • Score (x/3): 1.5/3 • Anything else?: Congratulations.
  14. ChandTheGreat

    • Nick: Chandler • Rank: 5 • Date of test: 3/7/2020 • Candidate: Warning. • Score (x/3): 1/3 • Anything else?: Congratulations.
  15. ChandTheGreat

    • Nick: Chandler • Rank: 5 • Date of test: 3/7/2020 • Candidate: EscaRegele • Score (x/3): 1.5/3 • Anything else?: Congratulations.

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