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Found 8 results

  1. Alessandro

  2. Hello B-Zone, Today i want to open this discussion with u because i want the server to change. Getting money in the server is hard, u have 2 ways To do missions or to do jobs or even illegal trades like Drugs and gun smuggling. The server should do a progress for factions in the next update, Every Faction member gets a Salary for serving to the community, this motivates people more and its not going to make them log in only to do the activity report. Make it by ranks like : Rank 1 gets 5K a day, Rank 2 10 a day ect ect. They can only achieve their salary if they are online. I think that this will be very fun for all players who are in a faction and actually care about the community by serving them all day, Best regards. Alessandro/
  3. Aplicațiile pentru funcția de Admin au fost deschise. Puteți să postați cererea aici după modelul impus la categoria respectivă: https://forum.b-zone.ro/forum/4877-admin-applications-aplica%C8%9Bii-admin-on/ English: The applications for Admin has been opened. You can post here the request, following the model from the category: https://forum.b-zone.ro/forum/4877-admin-applications-aplica%C8%9Bii-admin-on/
  4. Pleistorus

    Dati-mi si mie un link unde pot aplica ca helper ca vreu si eu cu noroc poate sa devin helper
  5. -- Nick:Est.Cimpo -- Level:5 -- [/stats] dinainte de problemă: file:///C:/Users/Alex/Desktop/sa-mp-009.png -- [/stats] după problemăfile file:///C:/Users/Alex/Desktop/sa-mp-009.png -- Descrierea problemei: Mi am uitat din greseala parola la pin. -- Informații folositoare: De la admini am inteles ca trebuie sa fac acest topic.
  6. Nume în joc: Bloody1Sword Numele celui reclamat: Danisasuke(DanLezz) si Edi Descrierea situatiei: incep sa injure pe chatu global Martori: Kepa Radunno Lemonade98 Mihay Poze/Video-uri: http://imgur.com/a/0ONPD Alte precizari: Cer sa fie sanctionati mai ales edi deoarece el e membru staff
  7. Admins please help me and give suggesion what i have to do now, my friend's house in jaferson where all cops and fbi's are living they killed us everytime and annoying us this thing to be killed again and again

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