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Professional Farmer

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Professional Farmer 2014 Platinum Edition (2013)

2013 | PC | Developer: PlayWay Publisher: UIG Entertainment | 1.25GB

Language: Russian, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Swedish

Genre: Simulator / 3D

It's time to start the tractor and go to the farm!

simulator for PC «Professional Farmer 2014" takes players to a village where farmers will be able to do the usual lovers troubles at home. Manage the farm, cultivate fields, grow roots, care for animals, buy and sell products - it's only a small fraction of cases that are waiting on the farm!

You will begin your trip with a small farmer economy, gradually improving their skills, buy new field tractors, vehicles and animals. You can become an expert in one area or the full use of all the opportunities offered by the farm. The key to success lies in good planning, knowledge that you acquire during the game, skill and good old hard work. Here you will learn how to live in harmony with nature, to cope with the vagaries of the weather, take care of the fields and animals, as well as to plan the budget and costs for the new season. At your disposal will be tractors and other agricultural machinery (combines, harvesters, fasteners, trailers, etc.) from manufacturers for convenient operation. Only effective planning and hard work turn wasteland into fertile land. You will be able to manage all appliances: whether working plow, filling or unloading tractor harvest.

Game Professional Farmer 2014 there is a wide range of crops. You will have to cultivate the fields and plant the plants, taking into account the terrain and climate, to gather a good harvest. Even rotation plays an important role in the planning! The changing seasons affect the course of the game and provides farmers job any day.

Local Market - the first step on the road to success! After harvest, all farmers go to the market to sell all products and earn money first. The more able to sell, the quicker your disposal are more powerful machines and the more products will be able to get. Over time, it will be possible to build new buildings and acquire new land.

Are you ready for farm life? Then start to develop their own farm in the game «Professional Farmer 2014"!


First in the simulator: the changing seasons and annual planning.

Countless tractors.

Gobs of hours merriment and hundreds of missions in the "Campaigns" - from simple tasks to large orders.

Playing in his pleasure in "his game" - no time limits and lists jobs.


Good Ol 'Times


Features of Release

- It is based on license from UIG Entertainment -


Audio quality is 100%

Video quality is 100%

Exclusive installer

installation of additional Soft'a (DirectX)

all the way registry maintained

Approximate install time 8 min (a, s)


Platinum Edition


Good Ol 'Times



Game archives are not touched

System requirement

Operating system: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8

Processor: Core 2 Duo or Athlon X2 \ Core 2 Quad or Phenom X4

RAM: 2048 MB \ 4096 MB

Video card: GeForce 6800GT or Radeon HD3650, (DirectX9) \ GeForce GTX560 or Radeon HD6970, (DirectX9)

Sound Card: Compatible with DirectX

Hard disk space: 3523 MB




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