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[PAWN] RandomSpawn

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RandomSpawn Tutorial.

Salutare, acest RandomSpawn il puteti folosi pentru sistemul de Paintball, sistem de event, etc.. acolo unde vreti ca payerii sa se spawneze in locatii diferite.


  • In primul rand, avem nevoie de coordinatele unde vrei ca playerii sa se spawneze. Acest lucru il facem intrand pe server si folosind comanda [/save].
  • Avand coordinatele, mergem in Documents, GTA SAN ANDREAS si la savedposition.txt avem coordinatele salvate pe server.
AddPlayerClass(skinid, x, y, z, angle, weapon1, weapon1_ammo, weapon2, weapon2_ammo, weapon3, weapon3_ammo)

Mai multe detalii aici despre aceasta functie: https://wiki.sa-mp.com/wiki/AddPlayerClass


Adaugam la inceputului GameMode-ului:

new Float:RandomSpawns[5][] = 
   	{1212.3214,-2034.9223,59.9254,90.2055}, // 1
    {1212.3214,-2034.9223,59.9254,90.2055}, // 2
    {1212.3214,-2034.9223,59.9254,90.2055}, // 3
	{1212.3214,-2034.9223,59.9254,90.2055}, // 4
	{1212.3214,-2034.9223,59.9254,90.2055}, // 5
{x, y, z, angle}
1238.0105 = x
-2052.6873 = y
59.9975 = z
2.8144 = angle
  • Acum mergem la `public OnPlayerSpawn(played)` si adaugam:
    new Random = random(sizeof(RandomPlayerSpawns));
    SetPlayerPos(playerid, RandomSpawns[Random][0], RandomSpawns[Random][1], RandomSpawns[Random][2], RandomSpawns[Random][3], RandomSpawns[Random][4]);
    SetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, RandomSpawns[Random][5]);
    return 1;

Si daca nu ati folosit `angle`, stergeti

SetPlayerFacingAngle(playerid, RandomSpawns[Random][5]);


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Good , m-ai ales pentru incepatori. Usor si folositor.

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Topic Closed.

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