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Forum back online [UPDATE]

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Forumul a fost inchis pentru 2 zile consecutive(24, 25 august) din cauza unor probleme aparute in urma unui update de versiune a platformei pe care acesta ruleaza. S-a trecut la noua versiune de IPB(3.3.4) pentru care s-au facut cateva imbunatatiri :

- un nou sistem de warn-uri la care moderatorii pot alege dintr-un set de motive pentru care sanctioneaza membrii; de asemenea membrii sunt automat instiintati.

- optimizare SEO pentru indexarea in motoarele de cautare.

- optimizare de resurse utilizate, un punct de care aveam mare nevoie.

Inevitabil, am fost nevoit sa aleg un nou skin pentru forum, cel vechi nu putea fi updatat.

In ultimul rand, vreau sa va anunt ca o mare parte din topicuri si posturi au fost pierdute din cauza unor probleme aparute de-a lungul updateului, mai exact topicurile si posturile mai noi de 21 martie. Imi pare rau pentru inconvienentele cauzate. Am incercat sa salvez cat de mult s-a putut. Numarul de posturi ale membrilor a fost schimbat, in cazul in care sunteti ingrijorati de acest lucru. Cei ce doresc sa-si recupereze topicuri importante, pot incerca sa caute in google cache(cautati numele topicului pe google si in preview-ul paginii ve-ti gasi linkul "In cache"). Cei ce ati pierdut functii, va rog sa-mi trimiteti un PM pentru a va reoferi functii. Acelasi lucru este valabil si pentru detinatorii de clanuri.





Our forum was down for 2 consecutive days(august 24 and 25) while some problems occured when I was updating the forum to the latest version. We passed to the new IPB version(3.3.4) with some new features :

- a new warning system in which moderators will have to choose the reason of the sanction; members are also notified when they are warned.

- SEO optimization for search engine indexing.

- resources optimzation, a fact that is very important for fast page loading.

Inevitabily, I had to choose a new skin, because the old one couldn't be updated.

In the end, I want to announce that a part of topics and posts have been lost while some problems occured when I was updating the forum. Topics and posts newer than March 21 are affected. I am sorry for this. The number of the posts on users profiles haven't been affected, in case you are worried about this. If you have to recover some important information from a topic or a post, I suggest you to use google cache as soon as possible(search for the name of the topic on google, an click "In cache" in the preview of the page[right side]). If you have lost your moderating rights, please send me a PM.


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