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  1. Nickname: HycoT Rank:5 Deposited amount: $5.000 Date and hour: 13/8/2018 Proof: https://imgur.com/a/jGzPIrm Reason:-6
  2. Denumirea originală al modului : # Modpack # ► Poze / Video (obligatoriu): • Descrierea modului: Modpack HycoT • Download Link: ( ** Check description ** )
  3. Nickkname: HycoT Rank: 5 Deposited amount: 15k Date and hour: 09/08/2018 Proof: https://imgur.com/a/yVdnCf3 Reason: Score
  4. @eduardjfc +1 , Th a nks!
  5. @eB Alphadores Stefan T h ank yo u
  6. T/c.
  7. Display Name: PresidenT Anas I want (Avatar/Signature/Userbar/Logo/Cover Profile): Logo Link of the previous request (obligatory): H e r e Picture (requested in case of signatures): - Theme (in case you didn't post a picture): Text Text: PresidenT Anas - Programmer Sizes: Normal Other details: Godo luck ,
  8. Hi We have new Program '' Design a digital clock & Welcome Message '' Easy Method. •Open Visual Basic ( 2010 , 2012, 2015 ) 1/ Make 2 Label & 1 Button + you can Add Picture ( Optional ) 2/ Add these codes: Button1.Text = System.DateTime.Now Label1.Text = TimeOfDay Label2.Text = DateString MsgBox("Hi", MsgBoxStyle.Information, "By President Anas") ++ You can change Message Box & Thanks! Video Link :
  9. @Zamba Salut , am sure your drivers not installed , try to install Graphic card . or install the game again.
  10. Today am here with new tutorial , you can create ur own antivirus ## pc & easy scan. • Create folder and open notepad. copy these codes to ur first file of notepad. @echo off title Antivirus echo Antivirus echo created by cryptogram :start IF EXIST virus.bat goto infected IF NOT EXIST virus.bat goto clean cd C:\windows\system32 :infected echo WARNING VIRUS DETECTED! del virus.bat pause goto start :clean echo System secure! pause exit ####### after save: antivirus.bat open new notepad and copy this: @echo off :A start explorer goto :A ####### after save: virus.bat go to antivirus.bat and scan , you will see if you have any file with name " virus (.exe - .vb ..etc) will be removed so you can edit settings of antivirus.bat for exemple , you can change "virus.bat" to "anas.bat"

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