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Probleme tehnice pe serverele de sa-mp. Mai multe detalii aici.

Modificări ore jucate facțiuni + sloturi ganguri. Mai multe detalii aici.


Clarificări despre c-bug/c-shot aici.


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  1. Oh dammmn @South Merisor dumb
  2. What's changed on the server
  3. We don't use A, B, C, F and kind of things, we just use numbers
  4. Too much for today man. Sometimes I am on forum and i study at the same time
  5. No, cause i have exams this year, i can't really play games if you know what i mean
  6. I got bored of samp, idk how people could play it for 3-4 years.
  7. Rar, pacat ca s-a dus la o varsta asa de tanara
  8. Da o mu*e nu vrei tu ? I WON'T COME BACK
  9. I'll surely have, she's so precious
  10. She's your ex, and now is my actual
  11. Nothing, I'm just hitting on @South Merisor's Mother