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    ● No-Recoil ●
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  1. RW MiR HaSSaN

    hey guyz how are you all doing?
  2. RW MiR HaSSaN

    Name: [EG][TUC]LEONARD Rank: 3 Reason for absence: i am going for work and i dont ahve time for wars ai was away from home Total number of invoices : 1/2
  3. RW MiR HaSSaN

    check topic Evidents/War evidence. @zL ElyaS
  4. RW MiR HaSSaN

    Nick : [EG][TUC]LEONARD Rank: 3 Motivul absentei : internet not working,raining allday,and i need to go for friday prayers. Data warului: 19.07.2019 Alte precizari?: Sper sa ma intelegi . Numarul total de invoiri: 2/2
  5. RW MiR HaSSaN

    Nick : [EG][TUC]LEONARD Rank: 3 Motivul absentei : internet not working,raining allday. Data warului: 18.07.2019 Alte precizari?: Sper sa ma intelegi . Numarul total de invoiri: 1/2
  6. RW MiR HaSSaN

    Choosing any job other than detective will automatically give me an FW? plz tell me @Geoka @Belzebub
  7. RW MiR HaSSaN

  8. RW MiR HaSSaN

    After server merge liders will be x2? @AdiOwn @Sergiu Risciuc
  9. RW MiR HaSSaN

    Name:[EG][TUC]LEONARD Rank:3 Date of war:12/july/2019 Reason for absence: my internet is down again and i will be away from home for friday prayers. Total number of inoices: 2/2
  10. RW MiR HaSSaN

    i have same named accoun on both rpg2 and rpg3 so my cars and money will remain same when i login with that name? i ahve cars and money on both accs rpg2 and 3 too?
  11. RW MiR HaSSaN

    @Kelton @Bobo but whats about if i have a biz on rpg3 and it worths 10kk+ how will it get back it after merge???
  12. RW MiR HaSSaN

    Name:[EG][TUC]LEONARD Rank:3 Date of war: 9 -jul-2019 Reason for war absence: internet is not connecting there is rain all night in my are and my net is not working. Total number of invoices: 1/2 Anything else: plz accept this invoiri bcuz i m using mobile data to write this my net is not working! or else i would love to go in war. proof: https://imgur.com/AAS1V5h
  13. RW MiR HaSSaN

    how to stop that auto /s of modpack?
  14. RW MiR HaSSaN

    Name: [EG][TUC]Leonard Rank :2 Reason for absenc: i ahve friday prayers tomorrow and i wont be at home. Date war: 5-july-2019 Other specifications: - Total number of invoices: 2/2
  15. RW MiR HaSSaN

    Name: [EG][TUC]Leonard Rank:2 Fine:7.000$ Proof: https://imgur.com/YHJGZdB Date War: 04.07.2019 Reason: i was present in first two wars,but in last war i got absent. 1/3 war absent.

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