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  1. Urkelbama ToV

    Bine dar nu e destul. toate sloturile pentru factiune trebuie sa fie de minim 50 si ganguri 40. Serverul este aglomerat, asa ca va fi foarte bine sa adaugati quest si getgift
  2. Urkelbama ToV

    Nume în joc:Urkelbama Contract: https://imgur.com/a/aTCb4PR
  3. Urkelbama ToV

    Este un motiv foarte ridicol pentru a adauga quest. Oamenii mor din cauza acestui corona virus si tu adaugati quest. Ei bine, daca aveti corona virus, ai organizati un astfel de eveniment?
  4. Urkelbama ToV

    Nume în joc:Urkelbama Contract: https://imgur.com/a/1bKehAz
  5. Urkelbama ToV

    Frumos update!
  6. Urkelbama ToV

    Nume în joc: Urkelbama Contract: - Retrag! Dovezi insuficiente
  7. Urkelbama ToV

    Yes it's fixed but at 18/02/2020, we are 5th day now but i did 6 times in 18/02/2020 Because i made a quest at 14 February. So it's normal to i made quest more time than other players. It's may be better for me but I defend equality. So that problem must be fix. You can check my income.
  8. Urkelbama ToV

    Nick-ul tau:UrkelbamaServer:RPG.B-Zone.RoDescrierea bugului:Server has restarted for fix that quest bug. Everybody is writing /finsihquest 3 times to get special prize but i cannot write 3 times. I don't understand why but i think i've finished a quest at 14 February 1 time. Not i cannot use that command. You can check my income log.Screenshot(s):https://imgur.com/a/z3Y1V6J
  9. Urkelbama ToV

    E Bine dar acel sistem de quest trebuie sa se intample.
  10. Frumos! Ar putea fi mai bine.
  11. Nume: Urkelbama - Rank:4 - Ma invoiesc de la:Meeting - Motivul:I wont be at home. - Alte precizari: If i come back to house early. i may come meeting. I will come to meeting. I'm at my home now.
  12. - Nume:Urkelbama - Rank: 4 - Ma invoiesc de la: activitatea de duminica 8.12.2019 - Motivul : I'm not at home - Alte precizari: #NormLifeMyBaby!
  13. - Nume: Urkelbama - Rank: 3 - Echipa actuala: Roads - Vreau in echipa: SWAT - Alte precizari: #NormLifeMyBaby, acum, nu ma voi retrage.
  14. - Nume: Urkelbama - Rank: 3 - Echipa actuala: Roads - Vreau in echipa: SWAT - Alte precizari: #NormLifeMyBaby Retrag, Scuze.

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