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  1. Like Your face?
  2. Dude server changed alot and believe me come back you will see it yourself. You mean its bad or what?
  3. Seriously, You are leaving game for just a MAYOR? Seriously?
  4. To be honest Old Shit is Gone and i think server seems to be new. check in one day and you will know. Hope you'll come back soon.
  5. Hey Kelton, Your messenger is disabled and i have proofs that i had monster B but after some restarts my Monster B was gone and also didn't got my money back. Its a serious situation. Can you tell me where should i send you proofs etc? I have told Auras about that but he said to send ticket and i don't know how to do that. Please its hard to get Monster B , can you help me.?
  6. Hello @Kelton As you know there were some problems in Server and its a half month now. People couldn't log in or sometimes server restart occurs. Can you lower down the monthly played hours for this month to 10 Hours from 20 hours? (For Faction Players) ? Only for this month. Because i think in May problems will be solved. I think you didn't thought about that so here's a reminder. Will be waiting for your reply.
  7. » Nickname: ElyaS » Level: 64 » Rank: 2 » Reason: Well to be honest i love SWAT cause its like getting to a new whole level and deal with robbers etc. » Other specifications: CongO Buddy. Gonna see some Good things coming up to LSPD #Zolerica
  8. Yes I would like to have a new and Professional Interior. I agree to change it.
  9. Good Luck ahead Tuco, I don't know about others but will miss ya bruh. Off course you will be back and we hope cause we got that cool Leader @eB R V D here. (also @CR10)
  10. Do you agree for that Piratu.50inBRAND or [uP]BlackMamba gets the new Romanian sub-leader of SFSI? Nick: [TGC]iElyaS Rank: 1 Agree/Disagree: Agree, voting for Piratu.50inBranD.. Do you agree for that [RW]Romeo or HoUsSeMBeasT or gets the new English sub-leader of SFSI? Nick: iElyaS Rank: 1 Agree/Disagree: Agree, voting for Romeo
  11. @eB R V D Hey RvD Bro , if You don't mind can you send me English test log? so if someone needs test in English i Will construct them.
  12. Y o u r ' e W e l c o m e m a t e .
  13. I appreciate your work mate , honestly . Wsssup Mate!
  14. Still thanks bro that you're using Translator maybe just to help.