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  1. Yes I would like to have a new and Professional Interior. I agree to change it.
  2. Good Luck ahead Tuco, I don't know about others but will miss ya bruh. Off course you will be back and we hope cause we got that cool Leader @eB R V D here. (also @CR10)
  3. Do you agree for that Piratu.50inBRAND or [uP]BlackMamba gets the new Romanian sub-leader of SFSI? Nick: [TGC]iElyaS Rank: 1 Agree/Disagree: Agree, voting for Piratu.50inBranD.. Do you agree for that [RW]Romeo or HoUsSeMBeasT or gets the new English sub-leader of SFSI? Nick: iElyaS Rank: 1 Agree/Disagree: Agree, voting for Romeo
  4. @eB R V D Hey RvD Bro , if You don't mind can you send me English test log? so if someone needs test in English i Will construct them.
  5. Y o u r ' e W e l c o m e m a t e .
  6. I appreciate your work mate , honestly . Wsssup Mate!
  7. Still thanks bro that you're using Translator maybe just to help.
  8. Oh Okay thanks .
  9. Hmm no need to be sorry about that. But Goodluck somehow
  10. Nice save Boyy!
  11. hahaha Great man ! But i dodged that /safebox's You didnt but thuglife ! But still i liked it.
  12. I know this song ! I like it.
  13. Damn Boy That was Good!
  14. LoL yeah sometimes its boring but do bussiness or something. I do is watch youtube.