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    Tunisia_Sousse_Kallaa Sghira
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    *-/ڪ ڪ Sleep/ play b zone / FOOD ڪ
    F@R@ motiv + FARA şcoală And """" bodybuilding"""" ڪ ڪ
    I Love the "Falsifying Evidence" ❤
    '' Version 4 the Best ?'' (V4)

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    i forget my name ?
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  1. SoBiG2Glory

    Happy birthday to all girls and women may you be healthy, loved and hard working
  2. SoBiG2Glory

    Your nickname: SoBiG2GloryServer: RPG 1Description of the bug: EnzoKing x2 times Join Clan in same account Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/ClTfWXt
  3. SoBiG2Glory

    #English 1) I suggest Creat a trains automatique Drive, and those who get lost go to the nearest railway or station and submit with commande /service Train And whoever enters a train pays 20 millimes 2) I want to change Rules such as mockery, regionalism, and racism. Arabs must have penalties that violate the law like comportament Toxic = Ban 14 days next parmanent ! 3) i need active admins that every night a many cheaters stuck us so i want Admin 4+ to be active not afk only to collect hours and rp .. 4) i suggest for robbery who get kicked out from server or crash when he back to login You have the right to come back rob with A small box in which question '' you want to return to rob [Yes-No] 5) Remove the Rejected applications Clan like factions #Romania 1) Vă sugerez înființarea trains automatique Drive, iar cei care se pierd se duc la cea mai apropiată cale ferată sau gară și trimit / deservesc trenul Și cine intră într-un tren plătește 20 de milimi 2) Vreau să schimb reguli precum batjocura, regionalismul și rasismul. Arabii trebuie să aibă sancțiuni care încalcă legea, cum ar fi comportamentul Toxic = Ban 14 zile următoare parmanent! 3) Am nevoie de administratori activi, care în fiecare seară ne-au blocat mulți înșelători, așa că vreau ca Administratorul 4+ să fie activ nu doar pentru a colecta ore și rp .. 4) Vă sugerez pentru jaf care sunt expulzați de pe server sau prăbușiți când se întoarce pentru a vă autentifica. Aveți dreptul să reveniți să jefuiți cu o cutie mică în care întrebarea "" doriți să reveniți la jefuire [Da-Nu] 5) Eliminați aplicațiile respinse Clan ca factiuni
  4. Nick: Liffytigan. Rank:3 Ma invoiesc la (Antrenament/Activitate):Activitate Data activitatii pentru care vrei să te învoiești:12.09.2021 Numar invoiri(x/y):1/2 Motivul: family clean the house Alte precizări: bafta Sorry i put it in wrong Link but i wish acc https://forum.b-zone.ro/topic/48066-national-guard-învoiri-ședință-consent-meeting/?page=72
  5. SoBiG2Glory

    Nickname: Luffytigan. Rank: 3 Data ședinței pentru care vrei să te învoiești: 12/09/2020 Motivul: family clean the house cannot login Alte precizări: data viitoare. Sanatate multa Like
  6. SoBiG2Glory

    Super Happy birthday b zone
  7. SoBiG2Glory

    Your nickname: SoBiG2GloryServer: RPG1Description of the bug: when i start rob i find this command that said i don t have more rp for rob when i have 10rp fix ! Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/kynb0ol
  8. SoBiG2Glory

    Nick: SoBiG2Glory Nick-ul reclamatului: TheBiggerPicture Bara RPG: Motiv: DM Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/GrI5Slg
  9. SoBiG2Glory

    Nick: SoBiG2Glory Nick-ul reclamatului: Nasul98 Bara RPG: Motiv: DM Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/oiUknDd
  10. SoBiG2Glory

    Happy children's day ???
  11. SoBiG2Glory

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lF5Zlge1xas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zYxGTp_w5E
  12. SoBiG2Glory

    Nick: SoBiG2Glory Level: 55 Years (real): 17 years. Sex (real): boy Server length: 10 years RPG LinK Profile: Have you had this feature before?: -No but i will do it Good ! The reason why you want to be a Mayor: is to help community players, especially newcomers coming to the server that need to be helped as much as possible. Most of the players I know on this server are my buddies, and I want to help them as much as possible. Another reason is to make events for players to make money from winning them. What am I going to do for the players: 1. I want to help players on the server regardless of their level. 2. I want to make events on the server, on these occasions players can make money easier. 3. I want to keep the $ 1 charge, which happens if I get this feature 4. During the week, the money is loaded into the safe or given to low-level players. 5. Let's convince new players that the community has chosen the right server. 6. Players will have an active mayor 7. I will make a donation top 8. I will also help foreign players, those who speak English, because I speak this language fluent. 9.If he is primary, he will organize something special on the 29th, will not give more details for the time being
  13. Nick: SoBiG2Glory  Rank: 2 Mă învoiesc de la: War Data acitivității: 03.12.2020   Motivul: i am study bcz i have Exam tomorrow    A câta învoire pe această săptămână este?: 1/2   Alte precizări: - Good luck i back tomorrow in wars
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