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Au început evenimentele de iarnă. Detalii aici

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  1. nWo iQ

    When you reply to a topic, on the bottom of the reply window there is a small gliding button that says "Notify me of replies", that should do the trick ^^.
  2. nWo iQ

    is there any way i can check that?
  3. nWo iQ

    becoming the mod for the english section xD
  4. nWo iQ

    @South Edward PM DanISteptu regarding this problem, that's how i did it ^^
  5. nWo iQ

    Stop taking pills, bro
  6. nWo iQ

    the sky, the sky is and should always be up!
  7. nWo iQ

    nothing special, just a simple one ^^
  8. nWo iQ

    @TLG DarkNight Good, even though i have to admit that i didn't know about this pasta. I have to recommend the b-zone designers, top work!
  9. nWo iQ

    Thanks alot! You drew your avatar?
  10. nWo iQ

    @TLG DarkNight not my first, had several years ago on rpg1, but that was so long ago T_T
  11. nWo iQ

    How y'all doing? Tomorrow i will have my first interview on rpg4.
  12. Nume: iQ. Nivel: 30 RPG Bar personal: Numele altor participanți (dacă există): - RPG Barul participanților: - Tipul interviului: Simplu Am citit şi am luat la cunoştintă regulile prezentate mai sus: Da! Alte precizări: Mulțumesc anticipat!
  13. nWo iQ

    iQ. as simple as that
  14. nWo iQ

    thanks alot!
  15. F7PCA-E8P70-D79RC






    Luati cu paine sa nu vi se aplece. Jewocuri pentru steam.

    Hint: ultima litera/cifra e usor modificata.


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