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  6. Algorithm of division in Pascal The first line of the program can be treated as an ornament, but required by the syntax of the language pascal. Every program in the pascal must start with the keyword program preceding the name of the program, it adds nothing to the implementation of the algorithm. The second line is auxiliary. We know that our algorithm uses three variables that store real numbers. In the pass, all variables must be declared before the block of code starts. When declaring a variable, we must specify what type of data will be stored in it. program Division; var x, y, z: real; begin write('x = '); readln(x); write('y = '); readln(y); if y=0 then writeln('Can not divide by 0') else begin z:=x/y; writeln('z = ',z); end; readln; end. The third line containing the key word begin corresponds to the starting block (1) of our algorithm. Lines 4 through 7 perform an input/output operation (2) in which the input data is taken - a dividend and a divisor. The conditional statement from line 8 is the selection block (3) from our algorithm. The instruction checks whether y is equal to 0. When the condition is met, the instruction followed by the keyword then is stored in line 9 (in the algorithm of the input output block (4)). When the condition is not met, the statement after the else keyword is executed, in our case it is a compound statement, enclosed in beginners logical brackets between lines 10 and 13. First, in line 11 we calculate the quotient x by y (operation block (5)), then in line 12 we print the result obtained (input-output block (6)). The readln statement on line 14 has nothing to do with the execution of the splitting algorithm. It serves to stop the program until you press the enter key, which prevents the program window from closing immediately. Instructions end. from line 15, the program ends (end block of the algorithm (7)).
  7. Supergirl’s titular hero may have escaped the Phantom Zone, but that harrowing experience has stayed with her. The CW has dropped a new trailer for the remaining episodes of the Arrowverse series’ sixth and final season (back Tuesday, Aug. 24), and it shows the Girl of Steel struggling with the trauma she endured while stuck in the Phantom Zone’s harsh environment, as well as the lingering fear she just can’t seem to shake. “What if that fear never goes away?” the teary-eyed superhero asks her sister Alex in the preview. But Kara won’t be dealing with this alone. She has the support of her friends and family, including Brainy (“I will be the sun every step of the way”) and her father Zor-El, who also escaped the Phantom Zone at the end of Episode 7. The remaining episodes will find the Super Friends going up against a formidable threat that is destroying Earth’s oceans and, according to Zor-El, architecting a world-ending collapse similar to Krypton’s. Expect to see some familiar faces return for the final episodes, including Nyxly, the Fifth Dimensional imp Kara encountered during her time in the Phantom Zone. Unbeknownst to the Super Friends, Nyxly hitched a ride to Earth on the Tower. The preview also teases Kelly Olsen’s superhero alter-ego Guardian, who will debut in Episode 12 airing Tuesday, Sept. 21. (Azie Tesfai, who plays Kelly, co-wrote the episode alongside co-producer J. Holtha; Arrow alum David Ramsey directed the hour, which will tackle racial inequality and see the actor reprise his role as John Diggle.) tvline.com
  8. Lucasfilm's Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) has hired to its team a YouTuber who went viral with a video that showed him using deepfake technology to improve upon the special effects in an episode of "The Mandalorian." A representative for ILM told TheWrap that it hired the YouTuber who goes by the name Shamook, who scored nearly 2 million views for a video from December that tweaks the VFX of a scene in which a digitally de-aged Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) makes a cameo in the season 2 finale of "The Mandalorian." "Industrial Light and Magic is always on the lookout for talented artists and have in fact hired the artist that goes by the online persona ‘Shamook,' a rep for the special effects company said. "Over the past several years ILM has been investing in both machine learning and A.I. as a means to produce compelling visual effects work and it’s been terrific to see momentum building in this space as the technology advances." Shamook wasn't hired directly as a result of his "Mandalorian" video but for the focus of his research. It's unclear when he joined the company, but Shamook himself said in a YouTube comment this month that he joined ILM within the last few months. “As some of you may already know, I joined ILM/Lucasfilm a few months ago and haven’t had the time to work on any new YouTube content,” Shamook wrote in a comment (via Indiewire). “Now I’ve settled into my job, uploads should start increasing again. They’ll still be slow, but hopefully not months apart. Enjoy!” Shamook's "The Mandalorian Luke Skywalker Deepfake" used the tool DeepFaceLabs to digitally replace Luke's face in the episode with another. The video shows a side-by-side version of the original, VFX version of a young Luke in the episode alongside his deepfake, which has slightly more expressiveness and detail. Shamook has also done similar videos for "The Irishman" that tweak the look of existing VFX jobs, as well as subbing in actors like Harrison Ford, Will Smith or Robert Pattinson into "Solo: A Star Wars Story," "The Matrix" or "The Dark Knight" respectively. Check out his "The Mandalorian" video above. Indiewire first reported the news. thewrap.com
  9. Whether you know Bailee Madison from Once Upon a Time or Good Witch, you’re about to know her as A’s worst nightmare. Madison has been tapped to star in HBO Max’s Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, TVLine has learned, as a “true survivor” named Imogen. “Like all of the Liars, Imogen is a final girl,” according to her official description. “She will drive the mystery of uncovering ‘A’ as she fights for her life and the lives of her friends.” She joins previously announced series regulars Chandler Kinney and Maia Reficco. Click here to meet their characters. Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin takes place two decades after a series of tragic events “almost ripped the blue-collar town of Millwood apart. Now, in the present day, a group of disparate teen girls — a brand-new set of Little Liars — find themselves tormented by an unknown Assailant and made to pay for the secret sin their parents committed two decades ago… as well as their own.” Though the new series is set “miles away from Rosewood,” it still takes place in the original PLL universe “in a brand-new town with a new generation of Little Liars.” The new PLL is executive-produced by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa (Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina), along with Michael Grassi, Caroline Baron, Leslie Morgenstein and Gina Girolamo. tvline.com
  10. Before the DM or chatroom, if you wanted to connect with a stranger pseudo-anonymously, you bought a personal ad. This week, Be Reel seeks three films with classified ads as inciting incidents: “Desperately Seeking Susan” (1985), “Single White Female” (1992) and the now 20-year-old “Ghost World” (2001). Romance, murder and vicarious living abound, plus the story of Chance and Noah once answering an ad. This week’s category is full of one-time outsider artists—directors Susan Seidelman, Barbet Schroeder and Terry Zwigoff—brushing up against Hollywood and either staying for good or realizing their subcultural interests run deeper and stranger than the studio system appreciates. Particularly in Zwigoff’s case, “Ghost World” stands as a winning example of an accessible indie comedy in which the film’s actual themes reach for meta-conscious and subconscious modes of storytelling. That’s fitting for a genre wherein characters all seek to understand themselves by touring the obsessions, freedom and sex of the human on the other end of the personal ad. Listen below. As always, Be Reel is part of The Playlist Podcast Network—which includes The Playlist Podcast, Deep Focus, The Fourth Wall, and more—and can be heard on iTunes, AnchorFM, Soundcloud, Stitcher, and now on Spotify. You can stream the podcast via the AnchorFM embed below or up top to listen on this page. Follow us on iTunes, and you’ll get this podcast as well as our other shows regularly. Be sure to subscribe and drop us a comment or a rating, as we appreciate it. Thank you for listening. theplaylist.net
  11. Sony Pictures Classics has landed rights to “The Phantom of the Open,” a heartwarming drama starring Mark Rylance, Sally Hawkins and Rhys Ifans. Craig Roberts, known for his onscreen roles in “Submarine” and “Red Oaks,” directed the film. “Paddington 2” screenwriter Simon Farnaby adapted the screenplay from his book of the same name, which was co-authored by Scott Murray. The inspiring true story follows Maurice Flitcroft (Rylance), an unrelenting optimist who managed to gain entry to the British Open Gold Championship Qualifying in 1976 and subsequently shot the worst round in Open history, becoming a folk hero in the process. “I’m extremely grateful that SPC share our love for Maurice and his wonderful story,” Roberts said. “They are the perfect fit for this project. I’m very proud of what our cast and crew have created. I hope that Maurice’s superpowers make the world a better place.” Sony Pictures Classics will distribute the film in North America, Thailand, France and China. “We know audiences will be delighted by this underdog tale, brought to life by director Craig Roberts with the incomparable Mark Rylance and Sally Hawkins, comedic and humane, both at career peak,” a spokesperson for the studio said in a statement. The project reunites Sony Pictures Classics with Hawkins, who previously starred in 2016’s “Maudie” and the 2013 drama “Blue Jasmine,” for which she scored an Oscar nomination. Hawkins and Roberts previously collaborated on the 2019 film “Eternal Beauty” and the 2010 coming-of-age film “Submarine.” The film, a co-production between Water and Power Productions and Baby Cow Productions, is produced by Kate Glover, Nichola Martin, and Tom Miller. Executive producers are Christine Langan and James Swarbrick, along with Cornerstone Films’ Alison Thompson and Mark Gooder, Ingenious Media’s Peter Touche and Christelle Conan, Mary Burke for the BFI, and BBC Film’s Rose Garnett and Emma Duffy. The film was developed by the BFI, awarding funds from the National Lottery and BBC Film. Funding came from the BFI, BBC Film, and Ingenious Media. “SPC has long been the home of the best in independent filmmaking and we couldn’t be more pleased to be teaming up with them on this on fantastic movie,” the producers said in a statement. Monteith of Baby Cow Productions adds, “SPC are the perfect partners to bring the joy of this beautifully optimistic movie to audiences around the world.” The deal was negotiated by Cornerstone on behalf of the filmmakers. variety.com
  12. The 2021 Cannes Film Festival brought the international film circuit back to life in roaring fashion earlier this month (French filmmaker Julia Ducournau became the second woman director to win the Palme d’Or thanks to Neon release “Titane”), and next up are the trio of major fall film festivals in September: the Venice Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, and Toronto International Film Festival. Venice is first out of the gate by launching its 78th edition Wednesday, September 1. The lineup for Venice 2021 has now been revealed. As previously announced, Pedro Almodóvar will kick off the 2021 Venice Film Festival with the world premiere of his new drama “Parallel Mothers.” The film will debut in competition and vie for the festival’s top prize, the Golden Lion. “Parallel Mothers” is written and directed by Almodóvar, and stars both regular and new collaborators, including Penélope Cruz, Milena Smit, Israel Elejalde, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Julieta Serrano, and Rossy De Palma. Almodóvar attended Venice last year to world premiere his short film “The Human Voice” out of competition. Venice was the rare 2020 festival that held an in-person event despite the pandemic. Also announced prior to the official lineup announcement is the world premiere of Denis Villeneuve’s “Dune,” set for Friday, September 3. The science-fiction epic is debuting out of competition. Last year’s Golden Lion winner was Chloe Zhao’s “Nomadland,” which went on to win the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Director. The 2019 Golden Lion winner was “Joker,” which earned 11 Oscar nominations and won Joaquin Phoenix the Academy Award for Best Actor. Suffice to say, Venice winners often go on to have long legs during the awards season that follows the festival. Other recent Venice winners include “Roma” and Best Picture winner “The Shape of Water.” Zhao will return to Venice this year as a member of the competition jury, which is being presided over by “Parasite” Oscar winner Bong Joon Ho. The “Snowpiercer” and “Parasite” Oscar winner will be the first person from South Korea to serve as the president of the film festival’s seven-person jury. Venice artistic director Alberto Barbera hailed Bong as “one of the most authentic and original voices in worldwide cinema.” Additional competition jurors are actor Virginie Efira, actress Cynthia Erivo, actress Sarah Gadon, director Saverio Costanzo, and Alexander Nanau. The 2021 Venice Film Festival runs September 1-11. Check out the official lineup for the festival below. Opening Night “Parallel Mothers,” Pedro Almodóvar (in competition) Competition/Venezia 78 “Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon,” Ana Lily Amirpour “Un Autre Monde,” Stephanie Brize “The Power of the Dog,” Jane Campion “America Latina,” Damiano D’Innocenzo and Fabio D’Innocenzo “L’Evenement,” Audrey Diwan “Official Competition,” Gaston Duprat and Mariana Cohn “Il Buco,” Michelangelo Frammartino “Sundown,” Michel Franco “Illusions Perdues,” Xavier Giannoli “The Lost Daughter,” Maggie Gyllenhaal “Spencer,” Pablo Larrain “Freaks Out,” Gabrielle Mainetti “Qui Rido Io,” Mario Martone “On the Job: The Missing 8,” Erik Matti “Leave No Traces,” Jan P. Matuszynski “Captain Volkonogov Escaped,” Natasha Merkulova and Aleksey Chupov “The Card Counter,” Paul Schrader “The Hand of God,” Paolo Sorrentino “Reflection,” Valentyn Vasyanovych “La Caja,” Lorenzo Vigas indiewire.com
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