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  1. Nick: chief Rank: 4 What can you not attend this week?: Meeting / Activity: Activity Date of meeting / activity: 17.5.2021 Reason: I will be in work. Anything else?: enjoy.
  2. So great , so nice day sunday , you ?
  3. Yea, i must be because i love kids so much
  4. I'm getting married in two months. My future wife has a baby from her first marriage and I consider him as my child
  5. Beautiful day, all day i run with my kid 🥰🥰, you? @AIM BASTARDO
  6. • Nick: chief • Rank: 3 • What can you not attend this week?: Meeting / Activity • Date of Meeting / Activity: 03/05/2021 • Reason: job • Anything else?: Have Fun
  7. FBI chief

    Happy Easter, B-zone! 
  8. FBI chief

    Good !!
  9. Happy easter my friends
  10. FBI chief

    Thank you! Happy Easter B-ZONE!
  11. @ChandTheGreat Your friends are waiting for you
  12. that he was right about everything he said.Too many inactive members.Any proposals and rules should be eaded from day one to the last day

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