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  1. Marleyyy

    Lool - My pin was changed , i play without pin my account was hacked i can't do anything with account marleyyy. now I hope to belive me that my account was hacked and am not who transfer money, Also , 4 working hard , i don't think to gave my money and my biz ,i work hard to buy that biz , I hope to belive me and to help me
  2. Marleyyy

    My account was hacked , i didn't do anything of this I don't , 4 years with working hard to keep this amount of money , finally , you said that my account hacked and you didn't gave me back my money
  3. -- Nick: Marleyyy. -- Level: 61 -- [/stats] before problem: i don't have -- [/stats] after problem: http://i.imgur.com/YzBpvX0.png -- Problem description: i was banned for wallhack , i think with this ban i can't lose all my money and my biz ( Las venturas Tuning ) And 5.000.000 $$ -- Useful information: I hope to help me Kelton , Since 2010 i played , and i lose my money omg !! Thanks for your time sir , i hope to help me
  4. Marleyyy

    Good morning Guys 2 days more and opening RPG 3
  5. Marleyyy

    Cont suspendat temporar. Nu e qrodwaN pe cont.
  6. Marleyyy

    Stai linistit, multumesc pentru ajutor
  7. Marleyyy

    M-am intors de la scoala. Lollipop , ai trecut cu bine ?
  8. Marleyyy

    1989 - Piata Universitatii -> 2012 Piata Universitatii. Dictatori diferiti , atitudine diferita din partea noastra. E ultima solutie, facem revolutie. Noapte buna , copii.
  9. Stau si ma gandesc , oare cand o sa inceapa " A doua Revolutie Romana.." , toate protestele care au loc , sau care sunt in curs de demarare , prea seamana cu cele intamplate in 1989 la " Revolutia Romana.." si slogane precum " Ceausescu , cine esti ?! criminal din Scornicesti" , "moartea dicatatorului" etc. se vor transforma in " Basescu , cine esti ?! criminal din Bucuresti" , " moartea presedintelui" sincer.. daca Basescu nu renunta luam parte la "A doua Revolutie Romana.." Cu un gust amar' ma culc , noapte buna agenti.
  10. Marleyyy

    Multumesc mult <'> , mai astept si alte creatii.
  11. Marleyyy

    Nume in joc: qrodwaN Rank: Freelancer. Contractul ales: Mr.Yanys Arma folosita: Rifle. Descriere: †
  12. Marleyyy

    Am fost destul de clar , cand am zis ca vreu euro , pe clientii.

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