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  1. RPG1 - Masinii de colectie de vanzare:


    4x MTB cu culoare -1/-1 din 2012-2014, pret 400k bucata

    Faggio din 2009, veh id 689 ds pret 30k - 1.5kk

    Sunrise din 2009, veh id 788 ds pret 90k (in loc de 75) + culoare -1/-1 la 1.5kk

    Tampa cu value 0 (poate fie vandut prin trade) - 800k 


  2. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

  3. Yo, I bet edusca00's account on RPG1 got stolen via account recovery on RPG. He had vehicles with old ds price (Infernus 9.75m, Hustler 1.6kkk, Squalo 2.3kk - not sure, it has now ben sold at DS.) Check the account's last trades and you can find the thief. A legendary admin doesn't leave like that.


    1. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye
    2. Bobo


      I don't think this account was hacked. I remember that I asked him several extra questions about his account. This was a delicate account recovery.

    3. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

      GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

      Oh alright,hope so. Sad seeing legends come back just to leave again. 

  4. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    @GF Zevon donez,nu vand. Post facut pentru +1. Edit: Contul Cosmin.K1993 are acum nivel 9.
  5. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    @North AnTiDoT am raspuns, contul Wildest este acum al tau UP, ultimul cont: Nume: Cosmin.K1993 Join date: 02.06.2014 21:14 Nivel: 8 Doar driving license Landstalker de tutorial
  6. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    @Dennis RPG2 Multumim pentru +1....joci pe RPG2, eu donez conturi pe RPG1,LOL Up: mai am 2 conturi
  7. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    @Heloo12017 Dau conturile pe gratis, nu le vand. Post facut pentru +1, tu primesti warn, nu eu ban UP: Mai am Cosmin.K1993 si Wildest,astept PM!
  8. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    Am dat si contul Clienti, mai am Wildest si Cosmin.K1993 Astept PM-uri cu email care doresti sa pun prin /validate.
  9. Donez 3 conturi pe RPG1 de nivel 8,7 si 4 (fara bani gold MP) cu join date vechi, 2014 mai exact. Mai multe detalii aici 


  10. Deci, am 3 conturi care nu folosesc, fara $/Gold/MP, cu join date vechi. Detalii: Contul 1: Nume: Cosmin.K1993 Join date: 02.06.2014 21:14 Nivel: 8 Doar driving license Landstalker de tutorial Contul 2: Nume: Clienti Join date: 18.03.2014 14:31 Nivel: 7 Toate licente Landstalker de tutorial Contul 3: Nume: Wildest Join date: 31.07.2014 15:51 Nivel: 4 Doar driving license Bobcat de tutorial Daca esti interesat, astept un PM cu email-ul tau (pentru /validate) si ce cont vrei. Perfect pentru DM, prostii sau o factiune pasnica.
  11. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    @Kelton / @Bobo I bought a paysafe card of 10 euros from Greece where I live and it is not accepted to your shop. What can I do? I don't remember having this problem back in 2015 when I last donated.
  12. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    Hi everyone, first of all, I know that teleport should not be used to any of B-Zone's servers,but the reason I ask for your help is because I need it for other free roam servers, which do not have such a big forum for questions and problems. Therefore, here's my problem: I can't find a good source to download "teleport to marker" file, and also, I'm not sure if the cleo that I have is correct. Every time I try I get crash. Does anyone have a good source to download teleport to marker, and cleo as well? Thanks in advance.
  13. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    I changed my mind, sorry to eventually post here without reason, good luck!
  14. GR mitsos Toquel Rallye

    Nick-ul tau: Daytona. Server: RPG1 Descrierea bugului: So I own these 2 vehicles, a Sunrise and a Faggio, both from 2009 with the old DS prices. (Sunrise is 90k instead of 75, and Faggio is 30k instead of 1.5k). However,when I wanted to sell them to a secondary account,they appeared to be with the NEW DS prices. However,the RPG Panel shows them correctly. Screenshot(s):
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