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  1. cowS

    Hi, the above post summarized this more or less. But I can tell you I personally had this problem literally last week. I bought a PC with Windows 10 and I was met with the same problem. The main route to enabling the game to work is you will need to access certain components that may be turned off. You can go to Search > Control Manager > Programs and Features > Turn Windows Features On or OFF. This may appear blank to you, if it is, you will need to fix the windows update component *. If it is appears, it may say: 'Please wait' for a while but it should load, if it does not, refer to *. If it's appeared and shown a list of components you will need to enable all Direct X components, a folder called: Legacy Components and all the .NET frameworks. Make sure the black box is checked or you can manually check the subfolders within too to double check this. Once this is done, run SA:MP as an Administrator and try to run the game. From my own experience, running SA:MP as an Administrator was the fix, running it in compatibility with others, e.g: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (which all the tutorials online say), it actually did not work for me. __ * - If it did not load, you can refer to this topic here: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_10-update/error-0x800f0805/a5dd6981-7f7a-458f-a946-7d5863549eb3?auth=1 This is related to your Windows 10 being corrupted. It may be able to be fixed by the steps provided, if not, you will need to do what I did and reinstall windows on an ISO, usually on a DVD or detachable memory stick (you will need at least 8 GB if I am correct). __ The error code you provided is usually to do with the game running in an uncompatible mode, try as I said, to run it as an Admin and see if it runs. That is what worked for me no less than 48 hours ago, and now my SA:MP is running smooth. All the best my friend
  2. What's up man? where have you been ? 
    New world order, remember? 

    1. cowS


      Just been busy with real life for a long time. Coming back every so often to say hello :) 

  3. Nick: cowS Level: 112 Vârstă (reală): 22 Sex (real): Male Vechime pe server: Joined in 2011. Been inactive for about a year since the last time I logged in, but I am back now. RPG profil LinK: Ai mai avut aceasta functie? Yes, 4 times. Motivul pentru care doresc să fiu Primar: Due to the current Coronavirus, I have allocated myself some free time. During this time, I intend to create some cool events for players who don't have much to do, will hand out some interesting prizes, will organise little rallies and marches about current world problems. There will be engagement with my old faction, the News Reporters, to initiate more /live chats with famous players. Let's play and stay safe together. Ce intenționez să fac pentru jucători: Reguarly use [/givetax] atleast 3-4 times per day, usually at set times where there is 800+ players. Newbie players will receive guidance from myself and my team, alongside fun events only for certain levels. For example, VIP events for only level 50+, or only between 10-40, etc. The possibiltiies are endless.
  4. bring nwo back


    1. MeekMill nWo

      MeekMill nWo

      Where is all the nubz from 2015-2016 miss em' baaaaaa. nWo 4 evaaaaaaa

    2. CouldnoT
  5. Name: cowS - Link to your website profile: - Bundle type: 4 - News wanted: Enjoy smooth gameplay on a MacBook now: forum.b-zone.ro > English Section > Topic by cowS - Number of packages I received this week: 1/2 - I acknowledge the rules outlined on the first page: Yes - I agree that the type of package and advertisement to be modified if: Yes - Other specifications: Thank you.
  6. moooooooooo

  7. DH01

    Hiya mate. Looks like you got absolutely demolished by @Kelton on the last topic you created. Commiserations. Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery. Hope the kids are well. #OnwardsAndUpwardsFromHere

    1. cowS


      hahaahahhaah got fuckin destroyed init

    2. DH01
    3. South MrJelly
  8. u filthy animal

  9. cowS

    Hello, long time no see. Personally I think this is the best option because the player count is low and it's going to get lower and lower like an asymptote because simply SA:MP is becoming deactive over the years given the reasons above. This idea would bring back a lot of the activity on a main server and I believe this is a huge benefit. New challenges, etc will be created automatically and players will merge just fine. I believe that the turfs is good too, simply reset them. Because even if they are lost, it's not that serious as it is a game. I think the Helpers and Admins should be kept the same and they should be given a 3 month probationary period. This is because activity on a bigger server will be a challenge and it should not just be handed to admins from a lower player count server as it cannot simply be A to B. They need to show they're active and dedicated again and if after 3 months they are on good standards (from an A4+ vote or something) it would let them keep the function. Due to the economy, I think it would be good to refund them the money or simple the vehicle to the new server since that is theirs. Their skills should be transferred too as they are universal and players shouldn't be made to work again hard all over for the same thing. Due to the faction members I propose a small idea. Everyone who fuses from other servers will be a civilian. No transfers for anyone. It'll complicate everything. But if they apply for any factions for the 3 month period, faction leaders must be willing to be accepting and to put in the effort of looking at their history on the other servers and base a better judgement from this. It'll allow fairness and prevent people from overcrowding factions so quickly. - cowS/DH01
  10. heeeeeeeeeeeey cows. do you still play, bruh?

  11. DH01

    You alright there mate cheekily visiting my profile page without saying anything? CHEEKY.


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