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Summer Calendarul va fi activ pe toată durata lunii August pe serverele RPG

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  1. • Nick: Easquez • Rank: 1  • What can you not attend this week?: Meeting / Activity: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 22.05.2020 • Reason: Internet has stopped working • Anything else?: Thank you and good luck in the activity
  2. • Nick: HaideR. • Rank: 3 • What can you not attend this week?: Meeting / Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 30/06/2018 • Reason: My Internet connection is not available this week nor the next I guess so I'm not sure that I can attend the activity this week • Anything else?: Nothing
  3. Easquez

    Since you are giving up computer checks and that's what I support the most. Nowadays admins will find a difficulty in catching cheaters without checking their computes. I suggest to add a various tool at least to check bullet cheats (Aimbot/No-Spread/No-Recoil). I suggest you to take a look here. http://forum.sa-mp.com/showthread.php?t=573385
  4. • Nick: HaideR. • Rank: 2 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 26/05/2018 • Reason: We are traveling to visit relatives. I can not come afternoon. Tomorrow I will be back • Anything else?: Thanks EDIT: I will play at night

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