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Amira Ben Brahim

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    Tunisia <3
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    Dance , Music , Playing Guitare,

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  1. Amira Ben Brahim

    @, as i know Windows 7 is the Best Windows For Games / .... So re-update ur Computer again , Windows 8 sucks ,it's not for Games. and ur problem will be Sloved
  2. Amira Ben Brahim

    Welcome .
  3. Amira Ben Brahim

  4. Amira Ben Brahim

  5. Amira Ben Brahim

  6. Amira Ben Brahim

    welcome , P.s : is that y in the Picture ? :>?
  7. Amira Ben Brahim

    hi Guys it's me Clarina
  8. Amira Ben Brahim

    - Nick: Amira - Name: Ben Brahim - Age: 16 - Location: Tunisia - Ocupation: ;> well , i m not Working i m Studying - Favorite games: Fist of all i don't like Romantic games , like " barbie " or something like that it makes me Feel Sucks ! i m addicted to the boy's games like Conter Strike League of Legends , Wow .. etc " Specilly Call of Duty ! - Your hobbies: I m good at dancing , and i play guitar and sometimes , i go to the Clothes shop and i try to buy some magnafic Dreses / Shoes / Sweater... - A short description about you: Well , i m a pretty girl From Tunisia , i have a beautiful Age of 16 , i hope to make new Friendship here and to meet Some new Friends ( Already do ) , there are many Players who helps me , Like Xeqet. , Spok( <3 ) , Kurz , Cr1sty... Hope to be helpful and to help newbie To enjoy they'r stay . - How did you find B-Zone?: hmmm , it's a long Story but , Finaly i found RPG b Zone i was Seariching For those kinds of servers RolePlay , ! - Anything else: Soryy for the Grammatical mistakes, Love You all , Peace (y)

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