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Happy Halloween B-Zone. Detalii aici

Dăm drumul ediției 9 de Miss and Mister B-Zone. Detalii aici


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  1. Lopez

    Nick: Lopez Level: 50 Rank: 3 The activity that you want to pass: War. Date: 23/10/2020 Pass ( in this week ) number : 1/2 Reason: I'm not at home. Other specifications: Thanks good luck at wars.
  2. Lopez

    We don't have wars for tommorow see you next week.
  3. Lopez

    oh yeah nice.
  4. Lopez

    Oh yeah , nice.
  5. Lopez

    I like it +1 from me.
  6. Lopez

  7. Lopez

    +1 from me , nice.
  8. Lopez

  9. Lopez

    Yeah I like it +1 from me.
  10. Lopez

    it's okay.
  11. Lopez

    Acceptable , nice.
  12. Lopez

    I hope that happen why not :D.
  13. Lopez

    oh yeah +1 from me.
  14. Lopez

    Nice I like it.
  15. Lopez

    Yeah it works.

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