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Recrutăm designeri audio și video. Aplicați aici

Recrutăm designeri grafici. Aplicați aici



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  1. Lopez

    Good idea nice!
  2. Lopez

    Nice one good!
  3. Lopez

    Nice one good!
  4. Lopez

    Nice one good!
  5. Lopez

    Nice one good!
  6. Let's start the new activity raport.
  7. Lopez

    Nice one I like it.
  8. I have finished activity report for this week.
  9. I Like the new rule which has been added of mods.
  10. Lopez

    Nice one good.
  11. It's a good one , Special Thanks to @Mushroom Keep up the good work! BEST MAPPER EVER!
  12. I have finished the Activity Report for this week , done.
  13. Lopez

    Nice one I like it +1.
  14. * Nick: [eS]Lopez* Rank: 2* Reason: Doresc sa ma duc si dupa wanted, deoarece e plictiseala cu radarul.* Other specifications: Bafta , ( I have finished the raport for the current week).
  15. Lopez


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