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  1. Lma băi ăștia



  2. Eminescu RPG2

    Uite la o plimbare in infernusul meu frumos @AT DDonny
  3. Eminescu RPG2

    Nick-ul tău: Eminescu Rank: 4 Level: 107 Plec pe data de: 16/12/2019 Revin pe data de: -/01/2020 Motivul: Am foarte multă treabă. Alte precizări?: Baftă!









    ”Doesn’t matter how dark it gets, the sun will always come out again, let the sun be a reminder to you that the negative feelings and emotions shall pass, let it be a reminder that you will outshine all that try to take you off your path, you are a star, you are devine, your life is your own and your purpose is yours to choose.”










    Welcome to the end of the journey ladies & gentlemen.

    1. Kristen.


      te ai luat depresso varu

    2. oC ChampyxD

      oC ChampyxD

      Te-a parasit gagica?

    3. bilosul


      te sinucizi ma? " Welcome to the end of the journey ladies & gentlemen. " 

  5. Cf, ești Mihai Eminescu?

    1. Eminescu RPG2

      Eminescu RPG2

      Da bosh vrei un lukeafar din ăla blana bombix?

    2. Richard.
  6. ma dc ai avatar cu iubita mea nebunakes? ne suparam

  7. Eminescu RPG2

    Nume: Eminescu Rank: 4 Am dat test cu:  RatonNAB Data testului: 30.10.2019 Admis / Respins: Admis Rezultatul la proba teoretica: 0/3 Rezultatul la proba contractului: 5/5 Alte Precizari: Contract efectuat cu sniper de la 235m.
  8. Eminescu RPG2

    Nume: Eminescu Donez in scopul: 2 ani de la infiintare. Donez suma de: 200,000$ Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/Dsw1tCF Data cand am facut donatia: 21/10/2019
  9. Nume: Eminescu Rank: 2 Data in care ai facut donatia: 21.10.2019 Dovada cu [/clandeposit]: https://imgur.com/a/Dsw1tCF Alte precizari: .

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