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F.B.I. - Black List


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• Numele tau: dLs_TeQuila
 Rank-ul tau: 6
 RPG bar-ul celui reclamat:
 Motiv: Limbaj

 O scurta descriere a situatiei:  - 

 Dovada (Screenshot / Video):  https://imgur.com/a/dtXCFcc

 Alte precizari:-

Edited by dLs TeQuila
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 Numele tau: Arhix.
 Rank-ul tau:
 RPG bar-ul celui reclamat: Click aici
Jigniri grave (1AV)
 O scurta descriere a situatiei: Adresare de jigniri in timp ce avea wanted.
 Dovada (Screenshot / Video):  https://imgur.com/a/0QNsrhH

 Alte precizari: Urmeaza sa-l adaug pe Blacklist cu 1 AV.

Edited by Arhix
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Posted (edited)

 Numele tau: Shady
 Rank-ul tau: 4
 RPG bar-ul celui reclamat: 
 Motiv: Limbaj
 O scurta descriere a situatiei: a folosit un limbaj nazdravan in timp ce il incatusam
 Dovada (Screenshot / Video): https://imgur.com/a/1RRm3A7

 Alte precizari:

Edited by South Shady
corectare rpg bar
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