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  1. Hey. Good paji, you ?
  2. Hello guys! I am new here ! How are you all ?
  3. hahahahahahahahahahahah bhai ek no.
  4. hahahahahahah bhai ek no.
  5. 4-5 accounts se krega to ho hi jaegne, mujhe bhi dediya kr second acc's se.
  6. Login into game | Type /gps > house > 23 | Reach there | There you'll see I am in a skin of police department.
  7. - Nickname [Forum] : SejwaL - Nickname [Server] : SejwaL - Server (RPG:1/2/3/4) : RPG2, RPG3 - Member Of The Community Since : January, 2016. - Your Discription As A Person : Hi, I am Dev SejwaL from India. My nickname is Daku. - Reason To Join The Clan : I want to be a part of this part of B-zone Brothers as i am a old member of the main one. - Your RPG Stats Of the Server : - Other Specifications ? : Thanks.
  8. But not the cruel one
  9. hahahahahah lol nice joke