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  1. SejwaL

    English only. ENGLISH only.
  2. SejwaL

    Hey boys.
  3. SejwaL

    Good !
  4. Tunisian 🤣😅

  5. SejwaL

    Hello boys. Oh Farouk, seeing you after long time. Hey Dnk English only Beynod gsb aha, remember you from gsb training room
  6. SejwaL

    Ya thanks, just here for 4 more days. Good.
  7. SejwaL

    Yo boyz, I just logged in after 1.5 years, rpg has changed a lot.
  8. SejwaL

    Hahah no... i follow my words everytime so i can't come back now..bro by the way what's happening in rpg2 Hey Carn..i retired like you Left game 6 months gone 👍
  9. SejwaL

    Welcome to the B-Zone World
  10. SejwaL

    Welcome to the B-Zone World
  11. SejwaL

    Yea And because of some server rules No sorry. Good and you? Ya Hi Hey Just because players were organising too much events for me
  12. Aur Kesa hai bata

    1. SejwaL


      Ek no.

      Tu suna

  13. SejwaL

    Everything ended when i won the voting of mayor with huge difference to other candidates but not promoted as mayor.
  14. Yo yo guys

    Sup nigga Romanians ☻

    1. RW FreaKa

      RW FreaKa

      Little pig is here =))))))

    2. SejwaL


      Oko ifreshlike big pig 🤣😂

  15. SejwaL

    Hey cedryk I will be active on forum only.. #living legend Btw what is up at rpg2?

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