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  1. No, lol. Yo. Good bro. Ya it's good. Ya i can understand.
  2. Helper applications open only when staff need helpers. So no one can tell you when it will open. You have to check the application everyday, or stay turned with notification about helper applications. Admins make announcements at /o just after they opens the applications, So you need to stay online at forum or game.
  3. Kelton, comments limit reached. I think i can talk on PM now.

    1. Kelton


      I have returned the stolen vehicles or their equivalent together with a sum of money close to that which you have received. I will unban your account for now.

  4. Welcome.
  5. Nice! #First viewer
  6. Hello How are you man? How's life in Romania ?
  7. Hi good
  8. haha how are you man ? and how is in avispa ?
  9. Hey. Good.
  10. Oh but ya Austin was good Kane is OK You are blind from one eye :)))) WWE Kane
  11. Welcome!
  12. Hi Good, you ? I think yea