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  1. Heeei bunăă, ce mai faceti voi? Stiu ca nu mai sunt in FBI, da' mi-e dor de voi <3. Cum o mai duceti? An nou fericit btww
  2. R A M O N A

  3. Nume canal » New World Order // [nWo] - RPG1 Adăugare sub-canal » Privat Fondator pe canal » Ramonna[nWo] Unique ID » daPfiN2ZdFqqFLlJggDsKsFBF14=
  4. R A M O N A

    First of all, I wanna say you a word as a thousand words. Thank you! Thank you because you helped me all the time when I need, because you made me laugh, because you allowed me a lot of things, because you made me angry, because you stayed awake to create me a fu*king skin Thank you for all the moments, I'm gonna miss you the most.. I know you since 2015, when you was my first husband on SA:MP.. Both of us were so nubas In time, we grown up, and now, look.. You're gonna be what you always wanted to be. Please, before to leave, promise me some things. 1. You'll never forget me, and you'll be the same, after years and years. Be the change you wish to see in the world. I can't say anything anymore.. Already I cry. Just, take care of you, and I hope you'll be back soon We all love you, and waiting to you come back. #SFBluE. #ProudOfYou #LoveYou #GoodLuckInYourLife #MakeYourDreamsComeTrue
  5. Hello my friends. What's going on? All good? <3
  6. R A M O N A

    hello buddied.. What's going on? buddies*
  7. Nick: Ramona.[Original] Level: 27 Aplic pentru juratul (1, 2 sau 3): 3, logic. Ai vazut un episod din visuri la cheie: Toate. Esti de acord ca vei fi impartial: Normal. De ce ma consider apt pentru acest post: Consider ca sunt o fire creativa, imi place sa ajut fara sa accept ceva in schimb, ma consider serioasa adica, stiu cand e gluma e gluma, cand e treaba serioasa e treaba serioasa. Pun suflet in ceea ce fac, de cele mai multe ori, fac si imposibilul pentru a vedea persoana aceea fericita. Imi place sa implinesc vise, sa ii vad zambind, entuziasmati si spunand "multumesc" printre mii de alte cuvinte, care se pot citi in ochi.
  8. R A M O N A

    altu'.. Nu mai fiti ma asa rai
  9. R A M O N A

    ce ai ma? Am 1.46, sunt cea mai inalta.
  10. R A M O N A

    eu..1.46 :'( te bat, nu.
  11. R A M O N A

    clar frt cineva mai mic de 1.47? Nu?
  12. R A M O N A

    Ba. asa de curiozitate.. ce inaltime aveti? =))) Nu de alta, dar vreau sa plang..
  13. R A M O N A

    abcd bla bla
  14. R A M O N A

    trist csf

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