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  1. A K K I

    Nickname : Akki Rank : 5 Dennounced player : XcT Level of the dennounced player (rpg bar) : Reason : Dm No reason Witnesses : (if there are any) Proofs : Nickname : Akki Rank : 5 Dennounced player : DDYLER Level of the dennounced player (rpg bar) : Reason : Dm No Reason Witnesses : (if there are any) Proofs :
  2. Nickname: [X]Man. * Rank: 5 * Date of the activity: 13 October2019 * I will be gone because: I have to go at my cousin's reception sunday night. i will not be at home so not possible for me to join you * Other specifications?:
  3. A K K I

    Nick: [X]Man. Rank: 5 [Section Chief FBI] I took test with: [RW]Divyanshu Date: 09.10.2019 Result of theoretical test: 1/3 Result of weapons test: 2/6 Result of practical test: 0/3 Final result: (Accepted/Rejected): 9/12 (Admis) Test observer: Nephilym.ARFELAND Other specifications:
  4. I made a Suggestion on server for Department and Hitmen faction basically If you're agree with me then give me +1 to be implemented in game https://forum.b-zone.ro/topic/427636-sugestii-editia-1/?do=findComment&comment=6578411 
  5. I made a Suggestion on server for Department and Hitmen faction basically If you're agree with me then give me +1 to be implemented in game
  6. A K K I

    Your nickname: AkkiServer: Rpg1Description of the bug: If a player rent a car and lock the car. After locking the car if he got crashed or relog the locked rented car will auto unlocled. Why?Screenshot(s):
  7. A K K I

    Marathon Suggestions Add Marathon Points in farmer job also. Because marathon points are actually related to Player's activity in game. And farmer job is also an activity so add farmer job point also according to seeds like skill 1 seed is for 1 marathon point on each bunch. If player is a Permanent premium account player so he can complete premium days task this with 0 gold. On the same way if player already owned same vehicle with 0$ state price he can complete this task for 0 gold. Because no one have too much empty slots in garage to carry same vehicles that are just for personal use and we can't get money from it. Each Hours play on server will be counted as 5 Marathon points.
  8. A K K I

    Website Message Suggession: We can send message to players on website. Sometimes we need to contact a player who is inactive in game. And we don't know about his forum name or fb or any pther contact method so sending a message on website is quite easier to access a player. If player is imactive in game and we send him message on website he might get notified X sent you message and after that we can easily communicate. Faction Oriented Jobs: Advance the server with Faction oriented jobs like a player in police department automatically have a detective job . Ttc member will have car mechanic and gangsters have arms dealer as a primary job. Just like now in last update a detective can do farm job also. on the same way a police officer will have detective job as a primary job and he can took anysecondary legal job like quarry or transporter as he wish. this will be behave like professional. Now marathon is introduced on server so i thought a player must have primary Faction oriented job and secondary job. So it will be easy for a player to manage marathon and activity report. Civilians can take any secondary job.
  9. Nickname: [X]Man. * Rank: 5 * Date of the Meeting: 29th September, 2019 * I will be gone because: I will not be at home going on dinner with family. * Other specifications?: Thanks.
  10. * Nickname: [X]Man. * Rank: 5 * Date of the activity: 22 September 2019 LVPD war * I will be gone because: I do studies and job together and after a stressful week only Sunday is my fun day. and we all friends do get together every sunday night. * Other specifications?: If plan is cancelled due to some reasons i will be surely with you.
  11. Nickname: [X]Man. * Rank: 5 * Date of the activity: 25th August, 2019 * I will be gone because: I already fixed my plan 2 weeks ago with my freind to join him on his Birthday Party. * Other specifications?: i will Join You if i came back home earlier. Thanks in advance.
  12. A K K I

    We're desperately waiting for new things on Bzone servers.
  13. Hello! Guys website is updated with Summer Calendar. And The Calendar had to start from first of August at 8:00 Server time to till 31st of the August. And the first award was at 10:00 server time that has not been given yet. Because servers are not updated with the Summer Calendar. https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/stats/summer Kelton the main person of B-Zone servers is on inactivity. Please @@Bobo take a notice and update servers with summer Calendar. Thanks
  14. * Nick: [X]Man * Rank: 5 * La ce ma invoiesc: Sedinta / Antrenament / Alte activitati: Meeting * Data si ora activitatii: 28.07.2019 at 20:00 * Lipsesc din motivul: Possible I will not be at home at Sunday night because we just planned to do dinner outside. * Alte precizari?: Accept it in case of plan will be as it is. If it changes and I did not go you will be see in me meeting .
  15. A K K I

    Nickname: [X]Man Rank: 5 Date: 25 June 2019 Agent fined: Robertequ Value of the fine: 30.000$ Reason of the fine: Using Leader skin to threaten kids. Proof:

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