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  1. Nickname: [X]Man. * Rank: 5 * Date of the activity: 25th August, 2019 * I will be gone because: I already fixed my plan 2 weeks ago with my freind to join him on his Birthday Party. * Other specifications?: i will Join You if i came back home earlier. Thanks in advance.
  2. A K K I

    We're desperately waiting for new things on Bzone servers.
  3. Hello! Guys website is updated with Summer Calendar. And The Calendar had to start from first of August at 8:00 Server time to till 31st of the August. And the first award was at 10:00 server time that has not been given yet. Because servers are not updated with the Summer Calendar. https://www.rpg.b-zone.ro/stats/summer Kelton the main person of B-Zone servers is on inactivity. Please @@Bobo take a notice and update servers with summer Calendar. Thanks
  4. * Nick: [X]Man * Rank: 5 * La ce ma invoiesc: Sedinta / Antrenament / Alte activitati: Meeting * Data si ora activitatii: 28.07.2019 at 20:00 * Lipsesc din motivul: Possible I will not be at home at Sunday night because we just planned to do dinner outside. * Alte precizari?: Accept it in case of plan will be as it is. If it changes and I did not go you will be see in me meeting .
  5. A K K I

    Nickname: [X]Man Rank: 5 Date: 25 June 2019 Agent fined: Robertequ Value of the fine: 30.000$ Reason of the fine: Using Leader skin to threaten kids. Proof:
  6. A K K I

    @@Kelton he got married 3 days ago and I think fusion is postponed for1 more month.
  7. A K K I

    Hello! It's really the need of hour to merge servers and it will be easy to handle 2 servers instead of 4. with More players they will be more fun, interaction, Competition, and Enjoyment. Rpg1: Highest Economy Level server Rpg2: High Economy Level server Rpg3: Average Economy Level server Rpg4: Low Economy Level server As You know better by merging servers econony of server will be On more peak level. So how could You merge a Low Economy server to Highest. Best solution is Rpg1 with Rpg3 Rpg2 with Rpg4 If you ignore economy differences between servers and just consider that number of online Player's matter then you can not achieve your goal Because Economy matters a lot if properties are out of Range for the new members that are being transfered to high level server then they will be disappointed and possible leave the server without accepting this fusion. and Online Player's number will remain same as it is right now. Or You have to pay 10x prize for the properties of rpg3 and rpg4 players So a player from low economy server can survive on highest economy level server. Staff: Sadly but true relaity that Rpg3 and rpg4 server have sleepy admins, helpers and leaders. with fusions Staff will be choosen on high Conditions. So staff will serve players rapidly. Leaders & Subleaders: 2 leaders for 1 faction forever not a bad idea. If faction have 2 leaders with different responsibilities Like one will Check Acticity reports , Forum's Topic , Manage Activities, Meetings and other will Respond to Applications, Complaints , Punishments, Inactivity, Resignation. I never Understand the concept of Sub leader in faction because he is always choosen on Leader's personal intrest. Today also i have same suggestion 2 Leader will have rank 6 in faction who take care of faction with their functions and Faction manager as Admin is on rank 7 who just watch the leader's acticity. Rank 1 - 5 members can be transfer to new server with the same faction stats. new Testers will be assigned later by having the test logs. Houses and businesses: This is the main thing that a player gives his time to server to get a good house and business. The owner of Normal houses and Business must be paid a good price so they will be able to survive on other server. The owners of Big Houses and Business can be leave on 2 options either you pay them right price or manage houses for them on new server. You know better each business and House have their own value so reward them either more of their expectations or manage a same value propery on new server. This is the way you can attract more players if you disappoint then the same number of online players you will see in future. Other things does not matter to a lot of players and not even to you because it will be same on new server. Fusion is tge need of hour but complete it in a proper way even by hearing low level player. Legends are not born by birth but by serving their best. Wish You Good Luck.
  8. A K K I

    Your nickname: [X]Man Server: Rpg-3 Description of the bug: Dealership discounts given on marathon season 2 are disappear and i can't use it, why? Screenshot(s):
  9. Your nickname: [X]Man & Akki Server: Rpg-3 Description of the bug: Marathon on server is disabled at 00:00 on 1st of June 2019. i did 15 deliveries of miner job and i realize later that points not been add in marathon. Even marathon commands are disabled. Screenshot(s):
  10. A K K I

    Its really hard for me your timing 19 or 20 is coming mid of my plans. because 18 - 22 is time.to hangout with friends and Your timings spoiled my plans. So.please choose other days also not only Sunday.
  11. A K K I

    @@South Dorian Do not start activities and meetings only on sunday please. Because after a hard week with stress we need some time to hangout with friends and family. You can do it on Thursday Friday or any other week day. Thanks @@Naruto aka Tinkerbell
  12. A K K I

    @@Naruto aka Tinkerbell Please stop making events on sundays. its a holiday after a week and we have many plans at night. Please choose one of working day for these activities. Thanks.
  13. A K K I

    Nickname: Akki * Rank: 4 * I can't come at: Meeting / Training / Other activites: Acticity * How many times did I asked for a pass request this month ( max 2 times 😞 2/2 * Time and date of the activity: 19 May 2019 - 20:30 * I will be gone because: Tonight I'm going with family in cousin's Birthday party. If i come back earlier i will join you. * Other specifications?: Thanks
  14. A K K I

    Nickname: [X]Man Rank: 3 Date: 20 May 2019 Value of the fine: 20.000$ Reason of the fine: Late from Meeting Proof:
  15. A K K I

    Nickname: Akki * Rank: 4 * I can't come at: Meeting / Training / Other activites: Sniper Master Acticity * How many times did I asked for a pass request this month ( max 2 times 😞 1/2 * Time and date of the activity: 12 May 2019 * I will be gone because: I already have plan with my friends sunday is always busy. If they come late at my place i will try to join You otherwise please accept it i must go with them. * Other specifications?: Thanks

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