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  1. United Victory - [uV] Weekly Statistic (13 Jan - 19 Jan) Weekly Winners: [dr]baha & Mr.X
  2. • Nick: Akki. • Rank: 3 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 19th January 2020 • Reason: I have appointment with dentist arround server time 19 idk when i will free and reach back to home. • Anything else? : Thanks
  3. In this topic we will announce the name of weekly winners. Every week on Sunday 20:00 Winners will be chosen on behalf of weekly Xp. In April 2019 New clan system was launched and Clan's advancement Set through Xp obtained by members. At Clan Level 15 members can do 190 xp per day. 10 xp per day increases on the each advancement of Level. Required number of Xp list is Given blow. Clan Level 15 Weekly Xp: 1200xp Clan Level 16 Weekly Xp: 1250xp Clan Level 17 Weekly Xp: 1300xp Clan Level 18 Weekly Xp: 1350xp Clan Level 19 Weekly xp: 1400xp Any members who made required number of xp will be consider as Winner. Winners can be multiple not only one. Winners Who Obtain the required Number of Xp will receive 250.000$ Every Sunday. Week starts on Every Monday server time 00:00 and On Every Sunday at server time 20:00 Winners will be announced on forum So Everyone must complete the goal before server time 20:00 on Sunday. Prizes will be received via Bank Transfer.
  4. • Nick: Akki. • Rank: 2 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 5th January 2020 • Reason: I'm not at home and even idk i can reach back to home before acticity or not. • Anything else? : Posting it from mobile.
  5. A K K I

    Nickname: Akki Rank: 5 Suggestions: Hitmen agents can use /enter to kill suspects if they are inside City hall or Biz except arena. Hitmen agents can use /ram in other faction HQ's / training room on their own risk except department. if anyone kill them inside hq he will not be added into blacklist. and time restriction is required like between 19 - 22 agents cannot use /ram in HQ's because this time is for meetings, trainings or war. Reason: Some player;s are afk inside Hq / biz so instead of leaving them better we use /enter or /ram to fulfill the contract. By using /ram now hitmen agents will not receive wanted so better we use it wisely for fulfilling our contract.
  6. • Nick: Akki. • Rank: 1 • What can you not attend this week?: Activity • Date of meeting / activity (DD/MM/YYYY): 22/12/2019 • Reason: Sunday is the only holiday for me to celebrate it with ftiends and family. I'm not sure i i can come to join you or not because plans on sunday are sudden. for safe hand I'm posting it. • Anything else? : Hope you get it.
  7. A K K I

    @@Kelton Today is Bobo's birthday and there is no celebration on servers like last time. Make it cheerful and waiting for big party and reward on founder's birthday.
  8. * Nickname: [X]Man. * Rank: 5 * Date of the activity: 15 December 2019 * I will be gone because: i will go at my cousin's receptions, i don;t know when i will come back home so for safe hand I'm posting this inactivity request. * Other specifications?: Thanks
  9. A K K I

    What about reward on bobo's borthday
  10. A K K I

    Nickname : Akki Rank : 5 Dennounced player : Plakomouni_Madness Level of the dennounced player (rpg bar) : Reason : Dm No reason Witnesses : Proofs :
  11. A K K I

    Yea Problem Solved this bug is only shown on website. this is only number figures bug but server is running perfectly
  12. A K K I

    Your nickname: Akki Server: Rpg-1 Description of the bug: I activated pro version of marathon and i had 30% off on all cars at dealership. I bought maverick for 5.6kk after 30% off but server deduct complete 8kk from my hand. Please fix this bug Screenshot(s): You can see in my income log and my /stats i have 30% off
  13. Nickname: [X]Man. * Rank: 5 * Date of the Meeting: 24th November 2019 * I will be gone because: I have to go at my friend's Birthday party. Server time 21:00 is 00:00 at me . 3 hours diff from my country to Romania. * Other specifications?: Thanks
  14. * Nickname: [X]Man. * Rank: 5 * Date of the activity: 17 November 2019 * I will be gone because: Myabe i will not at home on sunday night because i have too many plan on sunday with family & friends. * Other specifications?:

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