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Khalsa Ji

RPG SF School Instr. Leader
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    Jalandhar, Punjab, India, Asia, Earth, Universe.
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  1. I am fine to
  2. I am fine. Hm?
  3. Oho, Great. Yee.. On HQ even its too silence.
  4. Hello friends how are you ?
  5. I am fine bruh, I hope others are fine too.. What about you ? Nah, New Avatar is good.
  6. Good one, Thanks
  7. Read my first line. This is not discussions topic.
  8. Oooo, Loook who is here... Miss Ramona =))))))) Welcome :V
  9. Are muje toh ab kuch nai yad rehta Sala clg ne dimg khrab kiya hua hai
  10. Wah. Good luck
  11. Kuch khas nai.,. bot kaam hai.. clg kaa.. bas dil nai kar raha Tum sunao
  12. nai nai, vo theek hai
  13. Haan, ye mast hai
  14. Vo dekhle, acha sa lge bas