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  1. Nick-name: CaiNN Rank: 1 Invoire pentru war-ul din data:18/09/2019 Motivul pentru care nu pot veni la war: I will not be in home, family events Numarul invoirii din aceasta saptamana (x/2):2/2 Alte precizari: I hope you understand
  2. GG Leader!

    1. Pinti


      Mersi frumos :* 

  3. Server Is Not Working :) This is the 5th Time I am Ranting about this, there are literally wars starting in 1 hour now And Even if the server starts before wars, There will  be so much lag because of players constantly logging in and Foreign Player's Ping would go as high as 400-500, And The Admins are too ignorant to acknowledge it, and they say that it's my internet

  4. Nick: CaiNNRank: 1Data depunerii: 11/09/2019Suma depusa: $5,000Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/zTQUfCbAlte precizari: Yo
  5. Nick: CaiNNRank: 1Data amenzii: 11.09.2019Suma depusa: 5,000$Dovada: https://imgur.com/a/aQjrYm9Motivul(absenta/scor): Absenta warAlte precizari: -
  6. Nick: CaiNNRank: 1Data amenzii: 10.9.2019Suma depusa:$ 5,000Dovada: https://imgur.com/undefinedMotivul(absenta/scor): ScoreAlte precizari: Thanks
  7. Server is Complete Dysfunctional Now, Everytime I Login the Queue Appears and I have to wait around 5-6 Mins Because my number usually comes around 90-100, When my time comes, Server restarts and then same thing happens again and again.

    1. MnX Zinnyo

      MnX Zinnyo

      Everyone is in your situation.

    2. CaiNN


      When it Lags, Foreigners are the first ones to experience it

    3. MnX Zinnyo

      MnX Zinnyo

      Now servers are working well.

  8. CaiNN

    Can't wait for 1st
  9. Chaane Lagi Shaam e Ghareeban, Haye Qayamat ka Hai Samaa || ہاۓ قیامت کا ہے سماں چھانے لگی شام غریباں

  10. Can't Wait For Today NGL

  11. CaiNN

    @Kelton @F4L KillerFish Please Add More loot spots in the map as the loot mostly is pretty bad. And Add a thing which will tell you who killed you when you die so If there is a cheat he can be reported to admins and players would know who killed them
  12. B-Zone Will Be More Fun Again Bois It's that time of the Year Again! 



  13. CaiNN

    Great, It's the best time of the year again! Can't Wait to Do All these Things and Take Part in Treasure Hunt, Happy Birthday B-Zone #11YEARS
  14. CaiNN

    @Kelton Please Add More Houses In LS, LV and SF As in RPG 1 We are running short out of houses and no more houses to buy and the houses that cost 100k before fusion in rpg 1 are now costing over 1kk, Please Add More houses in LV LS And SF

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