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  1. WTF @Krobo here how are you nab
  2. • Nick: Maestro_ • Rank: 6 • I will go inactive from : 7/8/2017 • I will be back on : 15/8/2017 • Reason: travel. • Other specifications:N/A
  3. @GF Micherinos thanks bro and GG rank 6
  4. Nickname: Maestro_ My rank: 1 Question: 1-Im allowed to frisk wanted 1+ suspects. 2-When i have rank 2 and i frisk someone have drugs , and he have drugs i do : /confiscate + /su ? Others specification: thanks for help.
  5. Nick: Maestro_ Rank: 1 I can't come at: Search Warrant Time and date of the activity: 07/08/2017-13:30 I will be gone because: I will go to the beach , but if i have a free time i can. Other specifications: N/A
  6. @CouldNoT You go to account settings >> signature >> choose file (and you choose the logo ) ,, very easy nabi.
  7. @CouldNoT i told you , you are newbie
  8. Only The Legends members are allowed to discuss any subject down here Internal Rules.
  9. @CannoT My logo is the best :))))