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  1. what about me that i played 101 hours played last month and now i see 0 hours very sad.
  2. Your nickname: Maestro_Server: RPG4Description of the bug: i played about 100 hours on February and when i go to my profile > monthly played it show me at statistics monthly player Feb 0 .Screenshot(s): https://imgur.com/a/XsaHg
  3. Name: Maestro_ Rank: 2 [LSPD Detective]. I want in team: SWAT. The reason: I want to go after wanted. Another specifications: thanks.
  4. Display Name: @Maestro I want (Avatar/Signature/Userbar/Logo/Cover Profile): Avatar Link of the previous request (obligatory): I don't have. Picture (requested in case of signatures): https://imgur.com/a/v4G2Q Theme (in case you didn't post a picture): N/A Text: Maestro Sizes:N/A Other details: Add b-zone.ro . and thanks !
  5. atunci poti report pe https://b-zone.ro/bugs/
  6. Name : [GF]Maestro_ Clan Rank : 2 Amount : 100.000$ Reason : Tax Proofs : https://ibb.co/bujnVn
  8. Hello noobs , my new app
  9. Description: Imgur uploaderPhotos / Videos (obligatory): Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2vpum13ss5i1woq/imgure Uploader.exeOther specifications : Virus total : https://www.virustotal.com/#/url/e26c41e0675ea65b26de8a25c3127d3ccde0b71b0e8eef76940f3ee9c13ce9d1/detection
  10. @RAYMONDD he changed the reason
  11. @RAYMONDD ye i will but i wont join his clan , the clan was better when Kaspersky was the leader. so in addition we are not talibans , and we live better than them.
  12. Why this hate , i will not join
  13. FLoods on rpg servers
  14. nickname: Maestro_ Link picture *: https://imgur.com/tYXEgz5 Title / Photo description **: Natural and traditionel place. Applied device, used settings, location **: Samsung Galaxy s5 , snapchat , Morocco.