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  1. Good Bye GUYS see you next year or summer , Good luck
  2. Nickname: Maestro_ Rank-ul deținut: 5 Numărul de acţiuni namecover: 1 Acţiuni namecover(ScreenShots):
  3. Name : Maestro_Rank in clan: 2Date of inactivity start: 12/11/2017Date of cessation of inactivity:20/11/2017The Reason for: holiday im not at homeOther clarifications: Thanks
  4. welcome
  5. Nice
  6. Nick: Maestro_ Rank: 4 La ce mă învoiesc : Search warrant Data și ora activității: 03/11/2017 19:30 Lipsesc din motivul: every friday i have lecons because 19:30 it's here in my country 17:30 and this is class time Alte precizări: Sorry
  7. Nickname: Maestro_ My rank: 4 Number of actions: 1 Actions namevor(ScreenShots):
  8. Your nickname: Maestro_Server: RPG4.B-ZONE.RoDescription of the bug: When you connect to server its block at a specified moment Screenshot(s):
  9. me too it happen for me now i can't login
  10. its happened for me now i can't login PS : RPG4
  11. yea for test proofs
  12. @CouldNoT no its not funny but i told u what happen i don't want to answer because i Screanshoot and i need to do SS for question and answer So take it how u want
  13. @CouldNoT 1-0 nabi