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    Hello, First of all, you have a regulation to follow. Second of all, the posting pattern is this one, which I don't see it in your post. (3) '' Request template: Display Name: I want (Avatar/Signature/Userbar/Logo/Cover Profile): Link of the previous request (obligatory): Picture (requested in case of signatures): Theme (in case you didn't post a picture): Text: Sizes: Other details: '' In order to make a request, you need to have at least 50 posts. (3) Your last request made here is this one: https://forum.b-zone.ro/topic/373702-please-make-logo/?do=findComment&comment=5661304 (3) The title of the application must be mandatory of the type: "Request - Display Name - Avatar/Signature/Userbar/Logo/Cover Profile" (3) In total, you get a 12 - day ban. Topic closed.
  5. Andrada

    Welcome, un lucru tho; data viitoare citeste regulamentul daca nu vrei sanctiuni.
  6. Andrada

    Welcome, lock.
  7. Andrada

    Lock, regretele mele, nu dispun de timp pentru lucrari.
  8. Andrada

    Thank ya, closed.
  9. Andrada

    Buna, Inainte de toate, bun venit pe comunitate! Imi pare rau sa te anunt ca cererea ta nu poate sa fie rezolvata. Datoria ta ca membru, de cand vizitezi o sectiune, este sa ii iei la cunostinta regulamentul, lucru pe care nu l-ai facut. Primesti 3 zile interdictie, cand vei avea 50 de postari pe forum, poti deschide o cerere. Totodata, cererile folosite in scop personal nu sunt acceptate. Seara buna!
  10. Andrada

    Keep it simple, I like it. https://postimg.cc/18bZzfNC

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